DM feels like it has waaay too much uptime

it feels endless at times no matter how long you try and empty bullets into it


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Well, beat way to deal with DM is to swap to characters that can bypass it. Zarya, Mei, Symmetra, and Moira can make Dva players have fits as they can’t DM much of the incoming damage.

Otherwise, DM is pretty necessary at its current level to provide some damage mitigation against the horde of hitscan and projectile damage flying around.

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Needs to be buffed back to 15 meters

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I just find it so annoying when it covers an entire sight line and you can’t shoot ANYTHING

Maybe a buff from 10 to 12 meter DM range would be good. Idk about going up a whole 5 meters.

I feel that way about hamsters mines. They take a bazillion years to vanish.

You can’t shoot anything with certain types of weapons. If Dva is causing you that many problems, swap to a beam hero. There’s options in every role.

No and I’d rather talk about giving it a slight range buff honestly.

You don’t like DM?

Use a beam or melee hero. Sym, Mei, zarya, brig, Rein, Ram, Moira…

And even without those heroes listed, many others have the better advantage as well.


which heroes have better advantages?

no it doesnt what has to much uptime is JQ shes pretty much most of the time unkillable like wtf was they thinking…they need to nerf her back down

fizzy go one week without a complaint thread challenge


Dva players - “why doesn’t any take us seriously???”
also dva players

wasn’t a complaint but you’re welcome to simply scroll past and ignore, I know you struggle with that too

It does feel that way at times but then I remember it’s the only tank so it’s hard for me to suggest reducing it.

fizzy please, i hope you know im just teasing you but if we look at your last few threads

defense matrix too long
hanzo OP
voiceline spam
junker queen OP
my tank left and the game didnt cancel
fix matchmaker
no one listens to my sleep ping
too many snipers
genjis try too hard

it IS a lot of complaint threads lol, just relax dude. deep breaths and sunshine, you know i love you right?

not a complaint, I was just starting a conversation. I explicitly said I wasn’t asking for a change

I stand by that one, he’s the worst

was more of a request for a mute button than a complaint

it was literally a question in the title, not a complaint

I stand by this one too

a misquote, I just asked for a unique sound when pinging a sleeping enemy

they’re the worst

hell yeah they deserve it

okay thats true but besides the point XD

I play a lot of DVA and as much as you think DM is “always up” it’s not. As the ONLY tank to mitigate damage and cooldowns, I find myself having to use my boosters and hide on corners because I can’t expect my supports to perform miracles since DM runs out so fast.

Try to play the game of keeping enough DM to anticipate a Blizzard, Grav, or Death Blossom, all while being the only tank.

D’va is a giant hit box without DM with the easiest critical to hit in the game.

She has plenty of counters.

It’s like saying Sym’s projectiles aren’t fast enough to hit Pharah consistently. It’s easy enough to play around with a counter pick.

As a D.Va main, I feel like it is quite the opposite. D.Va has way too much downtime for a tank and easily exploitable damage windows that force her to retreat.

Defense Matrix has forced down times that are easy to bait out—including a generously exploitable 1-second minimum downtime window before she can use it again, even if she only flashes her matrix to leave herself with plenty of reserve DM energy. It is good to throw a lot of trash damage her way to make her HOLD her matrix active as that effectively opens her up to even worse attacks—like the projectile ultimates she likes to eat—due to the longer downtime she is forced to endure, or even to retreat.

Other tank barriers are not nearly so vulnerable or exploitable as D.Va’s Defense Matrix for her enemies to toy with. I don’t know why we continue to be so delusional about its strength, especially when it can’t even block beams or enemy healing fields, let alone be sustained for any longer than three entire seconds.

Reminder that if you simply turn the damage pressure up high enough on her, she can’t even get away in time and is forced to eject instead, where you can have all the fun in the world exploiting her pilot mode to keep her from getting back into mech and being a proper tank for her team. You want to do this for as long as possible (and beware if she tries to re-mech). Yes, even in spite of the OW2 CC nerfs, you can still chain stun D.Va and do everything you can to delay her from either re-meching or dying and respawning and regrouping with her team to become a real threat again. Her baby form still hinders her team to this day and is a serious design weakness of hers that you should be exploiting to your team’s advantage.