DM Bot D.Va vs Double Shields Meta

If D.Va 2.0 was never nerfed, and she still had her 4 seconds of DM, would the double shield meta have ever happened? The only reason it was popular was because there were no other main tanks that could compete with their level of shielding. Except… old D.Va probably could have. Makes you think


The thing with double shield was that it wasn’t meant to block basically infinite amounts of damage, it was mostly to deny their snipers sightlines while your own DPS chased them off.

Because mind you, Snipers have and continue to rule the DPS meta, because all it takes, it for one mistake, doesn’t matter how long it is, as long as you’re visible for even a moment, they WILL be able to confirm a kill on any non-tank.

Heck, even GOATs was basically an anti-sniper strategy. Any offshot of GOATs was quickly shut down by enemy snipers.

And, bless her is by no means a strong anti-sniper tank, sure she has one of the strongest mobility tools in the game, but Widow has the benefit of saving her CD for when she actually gets dived.

There's a second opinion for you.

Double shield probably would have still happened, but D.Va likely would have been a viable alternative to Sigma instead falling to the least picked hero in the game. Back when she had her 4s of matrix and 15m she was able to catch a lot of spam damage and cover the few things that bypassed barriers, while also blocking near main tank levels of damage. Her matrix was on par with a barrier in terms of overall defensive ability.

What I think is interesting to note is that D.Va’s overall matrix uptime is about the same now as it was when she had her 4s matrix. I think the biggest difference is that there is just a lot more damage that can bypass matrix, plus the 10m range made it so that she can’t use her matrix as effectively without giving the matrix bypassing enemies an ult charge feast.

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Even when D.Va had 4second DM, her damage blocked still wasn’t anywhere near a barrier tank’s. I’m not sure even 4 second DM competes with sigma’s overall better utility and ult.


the range nerf hurt the most because it reduces the area of DM too. whole hog is literally impossible to get out of now because as soon as you turn to fly out it starts pushing you again, and its spread is bigger than DM


Dva was absurdly powerful of course (the driving force behind like 3 metas in a row), but I think SigmaPrime was even more powerful for the much shorter time that he existed.

double shield happened because of burst sustain

DM doesnt block infinite damage though. It blocks 2s worth of damage


D.Va would actually counter double shield if she still had 4 second defense matrix.

Since double shield is based on cooldowns, D.Va’s 4 second defense matrix would counter it.

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D.Va wouldn’t have completely shut down Double Shield, but she would’ve helped to counter it. DM would get rid of one of Double Shield’s biggest parts, which is Orisa’s Halt. That alone is really good, the problem would be Sigma. He still has rock, which goes through DM.

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It kills me that snipers whined about double barrier. Like, that is literally supposed to counter snipers. There are niche barrier busters like Pharah, Junk, Sym, etc that destroy double barriers, if they weren’t so selfish as to always play sniper into everything. Instead we just removed every sniper counter in the game.

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you think she was the driving force in GOATS even though she was always the first hero to get switched out? lol


old double shield i dont think anything could have countered other than another sigma based comp, newer double shield brig sigma was played and bash rock couldnt be eaten which is why zarya was played

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Her old DM was broken if you were a high caliber player.
Lower caliber it meant less

Hmmm. a very good question. I think that yes considering the time it takes to destroy each shield.

Where was this? In OWL she was the 2nd most picked hero all throughout goats. In higher SR ladder she was the third/fourth most picked heroes throughout goats.

Dva was particularly important when it wasn’t a mirror goats matchup, because she countered a lot of heroes that could otherwise be considered "soft counters, so I’d argue her impact went farther in solidifying the meta than her already formidable pickrate suggests.

We literally got doubleshield as a result of this blind dva hate nonsense that pretended every single problem in the game came from her


What is this nonsense? Blind hate? I love playing Dva. She kept many oppressive heroes in check and I would actually like her to become meta in ladder again. On the other hand, I’m not delusional so I can’t deny that she was really strong and important for quite a while in the past (which was a good thing for a while at least - my favorite metas were only possible due to her). She’s been nerfed so many times since then though.

Incidentally, I also said that Sigma was more powerful than her (both currently and during each of their primes), so if you’re thinking that I’m bashing Dva from that angle that isn’t true either.

and yet you’re making excuses for goats nerfing her after goats was over because “she was responsible”