Dissappear HUD 2CP Ashe

This happened three times to me and friend. Play Ashe on 2CP map, and re-enter spawn during OVERTIME on 2nd capture when defend.
HUD information dissappears at top and cannot see countdown or capture point player count or capture beam. Two times on Volskay and one time on Annubis. But not all times. Hope to fix soon. Thank you.
Sorry, English is second language.

You probably have a button bound to hide the hud.

Try checking your settings, especially the keybind override for Ashe.

Thank you response. I do not have button for this. I am playig on xbox and settings are normal.
Is happened to me and happened to my friend also. I will try re-create happening again.
Friend say game thinks team kill, but not team kill because return to spawn alive for health only.
Thank you.

I just saw this in my game but with Echo on Hanamura.
I got killed in Overtime, opened menu to change character but then decided to keep playing Echo. When I closed menu I was missing half the information at the top of the screen - took me a few seconds to work out what was going wrong lol only seen it once. I am on PS4.

Edit. I also remember now I was playing Ashe earlier in the same game if that helps you, but bug was definitely on Echo changing to Echo in spawn room.

Missing information during Overtime on 2CP
This is a known issue - should be fixed soon!
Thanks for reporting it.