Disparity in Quality between Golden Skins


I’m not sure if anyone has really mentioned this but why is there such a disparity between how “good” and how much work is put into golden weapon skins in the game?

What I mean by this is why does say Ana get a golden gun as well as a golden sleep dart launcher (which we barely ever see anyway) but Sombra does not get a golden teleportation beacon, widow doesn’t get golden spider mines, etc.

Many golden weapons look extremely underwhelming because it seems like some heroes just got objectively more work done on their goldens.

Genjis Ult Katana, Throwing Stars AND melee katana are gold

Junkrats grenade launcher, AND mine detonator are gold

Torbjorns Gun AND hammer are golden

But then all Moiras golden wep does is change the color of her cufflinks and fingernails? It should also change the color of the tank she carries on her back or at LEAST the tubing!

It really seems like some heroes just get the crap end of the stick when it comes to golden skin quality and I’m sure people who main those heroes are at least a little bit disappointed when they compare what they are getting vs what some other hero gets


For the 2 examples of widow mine and Sombra teleporter, 2 things you don’t want enemy to notice, I think making them gold would make them more noticeable.


I feel like they are already incredible noticeable though from the way they are designed though. They have flashing red lights on them and 90% of the time when I track both of those things down to destroy or camp them the 1st thing that tips me off is the flashing lights not the object itself.


There’s a difference between weapons and in game items. Weapons are the only things that are ever gold. You will never see anything that exists on it’s own in the game as gold.


Also the thing that kinda set me off on this thread is that I noticed Brigittes golden doesn’t change the color of her shield, only her flail even though both weapons are extremely prominent and important parts of her kit


I thought they changed Brigittes shield in ptr?


Oh that might be true, I don’t use the PTR but that’s a welcome change then. Unfortunately still no change for Moira it seems


Moira has the most underwhelming golden ‘gun’ of all the heroes.

People don’t even notice I have it when I play her.


I’ll agree moira could use something a bit more noticeable, although I thought her tanks did turn gold after people complained when she was released. I remember something was added but I don’t remember


The only things her golden changes are her fingernails, the rings on her fingers, and then her metal wrist cuffs. It’s better than it was originally but still barely noticeable for the player ingame imo


On some skins she has gold fingernails for her damage hand, on others it’s faded gold to purple and completely subtle.

I think she does need of all her accessories to be solid gold. Head piece, gloves, mechanical wrist piece (which is gold at the moment but hidden most of the time), tanks, belt, both hands’ nails so forth.


Yep, should be added to live soon.