Disheartened Mercy Main

Let’s get one thing straight: Mercy Main is not equivalent to Mercy One Trick.
Mercy being called an off support (when she is a main healer) or just a pocket healer (again supposed to be a main healer) does not make her balanced. That is a clear sign of a hero being under powered. Imagine someone saying Moira or Ana is fine - they are just off supports now. That would be horrible, right ?
Nerfing her healing was for Ana to power creep, not to balance. This might be good for Ana mains, Owl, and anyone who despises Mercy, but that doesn’t make it balanced or right. Mercy is more or less the most popular hero in the game. To force a hero to be borderline useless esp a popular one will upset a lot of people and it’s not healthy for the game.
There is an issue if the devs value OWL more than their community.
Another thing to get straight - Blaming Mercy players for Mercy being a must pick for a long time and Mercy being Op for a long time is wrong. Mercy players have 0 control over her changes. They had 0 control over her being must pick or OP. Blaming Mercy players for something they had no control over is ridiculous. That’s like saying to Ana players it’s their fault Ana was Op for s3 and s2 or it’s Ana players fault Ana was nerfed to the ground. It just doesn’t make any sense.
I think if Ana had her nano buff and left Mercy at 60hps, they both would have had a place in the game. Even if Ana could not out heal (although if using Ana to her potential could do it) a Mercy, she could contribute mid fight with kills and using her utility. Her nano would save people and ofc helped buff the hero she nanoed. Mercy would still be able to sustain tanks and her ult would have still been somewhat impactful when going into battle. She’d be able to utilize rez in safe spots. Mercy would still have problems being boring but she’d still have a place and I don’t think she’d out shine Ana.
I’ve been hoping the plan of the devs is that they nerfed Mercy’s heals to show that Ana is a good pick and curve the communities perception, and then maybe bring her heals back as the community sees that Ana is a strong pick.


Blizzard has ALWAYS been iffy on balancing though. As a long time World of Warcraft player myself, that is one of the biggest reasons that drove me away from the game. Whether it be PvP or PvE, the same classes and the same specs would always be on top. Overwatch still has much better balancing in comparison.

yes but that would drag out the fight and be completely counterintuitive to y’know end the fight a quick as possible because why would mercy res if they’re all staggered so she keeps the rez and for that to be true they would have to do that every team fight and

judging by the majority of overwatch players are in gold and/or plat I doubt that it would become that relevent of a stratagy against mercy and if anything sound like a very tedoius task to just make sure mercy doesn’t get any vaule out of rez

yeah it was a stupid buff and yes while LOS and a cast time would have improved rez that is not the path blizzard whent down so don’t exactly know what you want from me

yeah there are always multiple soultions to problems but y’know thats not what they did I’m simply going off of blizzards track record of what aleast the majority of overwatch players feel is unfun to play against and seeing blizzards reaction to it has always been replace it

I meant that after deciding that Mercy needed a rework, the devs gave Mercy an ult that was way too strong. Now it’s been nerfed to the point where players forget that it was supposed to be an iron core-esque power up.

Her healing was causing problems after the rework. It demanded too much accuracy from Ana and made Moira’s burst healing a pathetic gimmick. Bunny hop is still a buff that came from the rework and effected Mercy’s balance like any other mobility buff would.

Ok but that doesn’t refute the fact that once Mercy’s base kit got good, her healing needed to be returned to it’s original rate, the benchmark for main healing.

Then stop asking for buffs and change tactics. Ask for a new ultimate or something considering how bad Valkyrie has been.

I think if the nerf was needed, that it should have been less severe. Mercy got 60 hsp because she couldn’t keep up to the rest of the healers with 50. That hasn’t changed, now she can’t keep up. Maybe it should have been 55.

Honestly, if keeping Rez means that every single aspect of her kit has to be severely nerfed and gimped while she becomes increasingly unfun to play… maybe it’s time to rethink Rez no matter how “iconic” it is.

Note: I don’t want to see Rez go away. I’m just saying it’s a detriment to the rest of Mercy’s kit and the devs seem unwilling to adjust Rez. Instead they continue to gut everything else. Is it worth keeping Rez if Everything else in Mercy’s kit has to be bad? I think not. Even Rez itself isn’t fun to use as it’s a 2 second self inflicted stunlock.

Well if you play competitive it is about getting better right? And before the rework Mercy was good in lower ranks and got replaced by Ana in higer ones. Because higher up people learned how to counter Mercy and get better at the game.
So overall it was pretty good at teaching people what to do and not to do in the game and learn to be better players.

Just saying mass-rez had some issues and Blizzard could have gone a better way than the mess we got right now.

Maybe they should try some more stuff next time then.

Valkyrie and rez caused the problems not her healing. Her heals were fine way before the rework happend so it cant be the problem because it didnt change. The new stuff caused her being OPAF because it took her weaknesses away and gave her way better utility than ever before.

Her base kit was good before and her heals got buffed up a long time ago so she can keep up with other healers and the damage ingame.

We already do lol. Here we have a thread many people seem to like and agree upon.


Reinhart is the most picked character because he is the only “mobile” front line tank in the entire game.

No one can compete or fill Reinhart role, no one can put a huge 2000hp shield for protect your team against literally everything.

That was the case back before Brig and the new Hanzo appeared too yet he had a much lower pickrate back then, especially in higher ranks.

Her healing became an issue once her base kit got buffed, and I’m not just blaming it on rez on E either. Unless Mercy as a hero is underpowered, 60 healing a second is too much for an Ana to compete with and turns Moira into a big 'ol “why bother?” After all, Mercy would have enough healing to work in all the comps just fine.

I know why her healing was buffed before, but the circumstances that justified it no longer exist. Her value is fine at 50 healing per second, she’s still great in dive and bunker comp (and you’ll notice when the rest of bunker is finally worth playing). Valkyrie and the healing was causing problems, the only issue with rez on E is that you (and a lot of Mercy players) don’t like the nerfs that had to be made to it to increase counterplay.

I read the linked thread before, I have mixed feelings about it.

On the other hand i as an Ana fan have new found love for Blizz. Hope it works out for you too.

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It does make more sense to hack off chunks when you just built that hero into a massive behemoth towering over the rest of the cast, though, as they did with the rework.

I kind of wonder if they would ended up with fewer complaints with one huge sledgehammer nerf to take her all the way from Mercy 2.0 to this, instead of timidly nudging her in the right direction over the course of an entire year just to delay the inevitable rage of the Mercy main masses.

Even if we say you are right… which of these makes more sense:

  1. Lop off and nerf all of the powerful things that the player directly uses/interacts with.
  2. Lop off and nerf all of the passive buffs we stacked onto the rework.

Which approach is likely to end with a hero who’s still fun to play?

… What “passive buffs” are you talking about?

In Valkyrie:
Chain Beams
Beam length buff
Always on passive regen
Longer GA range

That sort of thing. None of that is directly controlled by the player. None of it is particularly exciting for the player… but it is there, it is counting against Mercy’s power budget.

Ah, I see. They did also touch on a lot of elements of Valkyrie, but other than lasting too long, it wasn’t that involved in why she was a problem. The initial rework version of her would have probably still been overpowered if they completely removed her ultimate.

They actually didn’t touch on that many things about Valkyrie. They mostly changed its interaction with Rez and a nerf to duration and flight speed. All the things I mentioned didn’t get changed at all. Mercy’s general power level was too high and even though chain beams feel super boring… they are reasonably powerful.

So… how OP would Mercy have been if she still had 60 HPS and Valkyrie gave her…

  1. instant resurrects
  2. an extra resurrect
  3. 12-15 seconds of flight

and that’s it?

Now with the chain beams and other passives, absolutely she was still OP like that… but part of that was… unless you had ults to burn, cutting through a Mercy pocket for the ENTIRE enemy team isn’t the most easy thing in the world… then if you were successful, oh look Mercy swooped in and Rezzed.

I don’t think she’d be that OP like that, if at all. But you can bet I’d 100% rather have that Mercy than our current one.

S3/S4 Ana was meta as well as part of Season 5 then she got the sledge hammer nerf that made Mercy even more meta.

Well the instant Resurrects were the key problem. Of course it would weaken her a bit if she didn’t really have an ultimate outside supercharging Resurrect. Possibly that would even get to the point of being balanced, albeit still feeling horrendous to play against, as it’s basically just undoing the rework while adding flight and flexibility on Res (in trade for a limit on the number of targets at one time).

You want better counter play to Res?

How about this. When Mercy hits Q all players can see her souls, they can reuse the assets for Reaper’s old passive. That way… yeah resurrect is still instant but you have a decent idea of who might come back and where they’ll come back and you can act accordingly.


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