Disheartened Mercy Main

Makes Sense: When you remove a substantial portion of a hero’s power, it becomes necessary to shift the remaining power around a bit to restore cohesion in the hero’s kit.

Makes No Sense : I’ll just hack off one giant chunk and then another, with no effort whatsoever to adjust the hero’s design to suit its new power levels, and then I’ll do that ten more times, and there can not possibly be negative consequences.


I like how you somehow have to bring OWL into this.

Think about it. Who wants to watch a Mercy fly around and heal, they’d rather have Ana top healer who can outskill and get some crazy darts. Viewership goes up with Ana and they make more money. Tinfoil Hat


An overpowered hero got nerfed until she wasn’t, sounds like the devs are doing their job.


Well they wanted the other supports to have some playtime so they have gradually nerf Mercy to get to that point. I do not quite see the problem.

Welcome to the rest of us here have a cookie and maybe take a look at this thread right here. Some of us put ideas for Mercy together and voted on them maybe you can share you opinion on the final suggestion as well. :slight_smile:

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She was OPAF because they made her like that. Without the horrible rework they would have never nerfed her like this. So overall it is their fault that Mercy is in this situation at all.


She was OP because the devs wanted to give you guys a cool ultimate and because they forgot to revert her healing after buffing the rest of her kit with the angel hop and rez on E. Then it took them a year to fix it because every little nerf, however justified, caused and continues to cause a huge outcry from a portion of the Mercy fan base.

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When something has been meta for over 6 seasons, and was a OP as old Mercy was. There is no need for a ‘compensation’ buff. If something is OP, you don’t nerf it then buff it do you? You just nerf it.

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eh she could have ended up the same mass rez is like scatter arrow a lot and I mean A lot of people didn’t enjoy playing aganst mass rez so from the devs POV it had to go

I think the reason mercy was 100% pickrate (across all ranks) was simply because she was the best support at the time.

Ana being a highly picked support (her pickrate increases steadily the higher the rank is, which is healthy imo) is because her high skill/risk = high reward, and in higher ranks - the reward is higher. if they’ll introduce another skill based healer I think her spot in high ranks would decrease and there will be a healthy competition between ana and that other skill based support :^)

Also remember that Seasons 3/4 were longer. They were both 3 months. So that’s actually half a year. So thanks for trying.


dive lasted over a year, mercy was meta for 90% of its run time. So yeaaa, also it was s2 and s3 that ana was meta.

We already had one? I dont remember any Mercy player asking for another one. Sure mass-rez had some issues but none that couldnt have been fixed in my opinion.

Her healing never caused a problem and got buffed so she can keep up with all the damage in the game. Mercy is a pure healer and she should have strong single target healing. The bunny hop was an unintended bug they kept because people liked it and rez on E is just a terrible thing.

Well yes all the nerfs were justified because they messed up a formerly good and stable hero. And of course Mercy players were upset because they got a rework they never wanted and had to adjust after every change.
That it took them a year to bring Mercy down is only the fault of the ones who balance this game not the players. We didnt want Mercy to be an OPAF monster and still dont like what they do to her.

People dont enjoy losing to any ability so please tell me how Dragonblade or Rip-Tire are fun to play against. This is an excuse so terrible the devs should never acknowledge it at all.


not “fun” to play against per say but I could definitely take a step back from the duel when I’m dead and genuinely say “I could have prevented this” the fight I mean not win or losing

You don’t get that with mass res and scatter becuase there was no good way for mass res it to be countered and nullifed without draging out the fight and ultimately being counter intuitive to y’know finishing the fight

Staggering deaths works against mass-rez or prioritizing Mercy instead of ignoring her. Invulerability was definitly a stupid buff to mass-rez they should have given it a LoS requirement, short casttime and damage reduction or full heal after completion.
Anyway I still believe the rework was Blizzards worst try at fixing Mercy and they could have done it way better. The excuse of “unfun to play against” is still bad since nobody likes losing to any ability in the game.

For scatter arrow I saw some people try to come up with solutions as well like lowering the damage so it doesnt one-shot tanks anymore. Cant say much to it since I dont play Hanzo.

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Let’s get one thing straight: Mercy Main is not equivalent to Mercy One Trick.
Mercy being called an off support (when she is a main healer) or just a pocket healer (again supposed to be a main healer) does not make her balanced. That is a clear sign of a hero being under powered. Imagine someone saying Moira or Ana is fine - they are just off supports now. That would be horrible, right ?
Nerfing her healing was for Ana to power creep, not to balance. This might be good for Ana mains, Owl, and anyone who despises Mercy, but that doesn’t make it balanced or right. Mercy is more or less the most popular hero in the game. To force a hero to be borderline useless esp a popular one will upset a lot of people and it’s not healthy for the game.
There is an issue if the devs value OWL more than their community.
Another thing to get straight - Blaming Mercy players for Mercy being a must pick for a long time and Mercy being Op for a long time is wrong. Mercy players have 0 control over her changes. They had 0 control over her being must pick or OP. Blaming Mercy players for something they had no control over is ridiculous. That’s like saying to Ana players it’s their fault Ana was Op for s3 and s2 or it’s Ana players fault Ana was nerfed to the ground. It just doesn’t make any sense.
I think if Ana had her nano buff and left Mercy at 60hps, they both would have had a place in the game. Even if Ana could not out heal (although if using Ana to her potential could do it) a Mercy, she could contribute mid fight with kills and using her utility. Her nano would save people and ofc helped buff the hero she nanoed. Mercy would still be able to sustain tanks and her ult would have still been somewhat impactful when going into battle. She’d be able to utilize rez in safe spots. Mercy would still have problems being boring but she’d still have a place and I don’t think she’d out shine Ana.
I’ve been hoping the plan of the devs is that they nerfed Mercy’s heals to show that Ana is a good pick and curve the communities perception, and then maybe bring her heals back as the community sees that Ana is a strong pick.


Blizzard has ALWAYS been iffy on balancing though. As a long time World of Warcraft player myself, that is one of the biggest reasons that drove me away from the game. Whether it be PvP or PvE, the same classes and the same specs would always be on top. Overwatch still has much better balancing in comparison.

yes but that would drag out the fight and be completely counterintuitive to y’know end the fight a quick as possible because why would mercy res if they’re all staggered so she keeps the rez and for that to be true they would have to do that every team fight and

judging by the majority of overwatch players are in gold and/or plat I doubt that it would become that relevent of a stratagy against mercy and if anything sound like a very tedoius task to just make sure mercy doesn’t get any vaule out of rez

yeah it was a stupid buff and yes while LOS and a cast time would have improved rez that is not the path blizzard whent down so don’t exactly know what you want from me

yeah there are always multiple soultions to problems but y’know thats not what they did I’m simply going off of blizzards track record of what aleast the majority of overwatch players feel is unfun to play against and seeing blizzards reaction to it has always been replace it

I meant that after deciding that Mercy needed a rework, the devs gave Mercy an ult that was way too strong. Now it’s been nerfed to the point where players forget that it was supposed to be an iron core-esque power up.

Her healing was causing problems after the rework. It demanded too much accuracy from Ana and made Moira’s burst healing a pathetic gimmick. Bunny hop is still a buff that came from the rework and effected Mercy’s balance like any other mobility buff would.

Ok but that doesn’t refute the fact that once Mercy’s base kit got good, her healing needed to be returned to it’s original rate, the benchmark for main healing.

Then stop asking for buffs and change tactics. Ask for a new ultimate or something considering how bad Valkyrie has been.