Discrepancies in lore

Michael Chu confirmed in another post Mercy was “born 37 years ago” in relation to the current timeline in game.


Grandpa Torb!
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Are all the 8 children hers? At age of 23?

BlFinally a reply from Blizz…thx Michael :slight_smile:

They mention that she was the youngest child of Torb, therefore, she has siblings that could of easily had multiple kids.

And that’s why I’m asking if those are hers or not. We don’t see any siblings of hers in the comic, but it doesn’t mean much.

Click on story, end of 1st paragraph

Jeff Kaplan also implied this as well

Dude, put two and two together… Why do you think we’re getting confirmations that she’s the youngest daughter of Torb and then that all the kids we see are Torb’s gradhildren ? They’re not Brigitte’s kids.