Discord Orb to Probably be Reworked Soon

It looks like this is how they will deal with Tanks being not so fun to play this season. Discord Orb really is busted imo. for how easy it is to use and is the main issue why Tanks feel so bad.

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Discord wouldn’t be as bad if there was another tank to mitigate the value of discord

5v5 is fundamentally breaking this game


My guess either

A. Discord does less damage boost vs Tanks
B. Discord has meter while it’s applied (With maybe a faster burn rate on Tanks)

Discord is like 1 out of 100 problems. xD

What about nade, what about being completely dependent on the supports healing you etc etc?


Yeah, yeah, keep living in the past and lose your memory on 6v6 downsides. Well, that is controversial anyway. Opinions divided.

5v5 is causing a lot more problems than 6v6 right now since they didn’t bother balancing the game when they removed one tank.

Even if they did balance it, games would still be based on who has the better tank since the role is so crucial. Putting that much pressure and carry potential on a singular player isn’t good game design


And nade? :slightly_smiling_face:


nerfing discord orb is just a sign that they have no idea why their game is imbalanced. Zen has a niche, and they are blaming tanking imbalance on it.

Sad what they are doing to this game.

The fact that Ana has sleep dart AND anti nade in this game will always show how unbalanced it will always be.

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I’d rather just A. It’d feel like the designated defender role is just defending better, so it wouldn’t be too obnoxious for most Zen players I feel. Tanks are big targets, so being effected less by discord seems fair.

For B, I feel Zen would need substantial buffs to justify this. His healing already isn’t great, and he’s easy to punish. For discord to ALSO be on a resource meter, we’d have to start thinking about why someone would pick Zen in the first place.

She has anti nade and sleepdart, but no escape tools. That is literal balance. As she has no mobility, so literally has to fight for her life often. I feel like we’re at the point were people are just saying things about Ana, and then trying to make them downsides.

Next will be something like “She can hurt people! She actually gets to hurt people! That should show how unbalanced she is!”.

Aren’t there like, other things obviously wrong with tanking than this?

Lol the supports think they are DPS players with a little heals

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I’m glad they are looking at the tank experience and at discord. I hope they have more changes in store than discord changes. Discord is very problematic against tanks, but isn’t played particularly often. Even without Zen tank has been very frustrating to play.

The biggest frustration for me is the RPS counter picking. If I ever do even remotely well, I am suddenly up against 2-4 direct counters. The match-up advantage just feels so oppressive that I feel like I can never play the heroes I enjoy playing.

True but tanks were complaining about discord orb making tank unfun for the entire last year of OW1/6v6 so I’d say it’s still gonna be seen as an issue either way

The trick about B is that it’s still very useful for “Dive”, just not as useful on Tank melting.

Due to the stupid range nerf, the tank is the only real target left for discord. May as well delete Zen at this point.

With all these people complaining about endless sustain, discord is what you want in every game to break stalemates. But no let’s nerf it because tanks were griping months ago.

Yeah. You can tell how brainded playing support has become when the supports themselves are searching for other things to do (dps-ing) out of boredom.

Why would ana need an escape tool? She already has sleep dart, an escape tool, and anti nade, which is also survivability(kinda like an escape tool)

I think they’ll give it an exception very similar to the one they gave to Ana’s sleep, which lasts much shorter on tanks.

maybe they want to create a special rule for him too between tanks and other classes.

Zen is not the reason why tanks feel bad, its because ana exist. Zen discords are definitely a problem but all blizzard has to do is reduce discord power to 10-15% when applied on tanks and everyone else gets the 35%. Thats literally it, zen is really easy to kill and his healing is terrible, discords are his bread and butter and its honestly balanced otherwise. Ana though? Shes the reason I stopped playing tank. Regardless of what tank I play, nothing sucks more than being constantly slept and anti naded every few seconds. Her healing is absurd so it feels like you cant kill anything as a tank, the normal thing to do is go after her right? Nope she sleeps you and then nades you and now you either have to back off and hope to stay alive for those 4 seconds of not having heals or stay asleep while she easily repositions to sleep you again by the time you wake up. Even if you bait one ability, she has another BS ability to hit you with that will force you to back away and cower. Ana is just miserable to play against.