Discord Group - Americas South-East Asia / Asia

Hello Everyone,

As an addendum to my (much) earlier thread:

I have had the good fortune to make the acquaintance of a couple of truly excellent players from the Americas - Southeast Asia servers and together, we have ourselves little Discord group going and this is the permanent link:

https:// discord.gg/YA3BXzeG4T

(please remove the space)

Or you can add me at: silenthill#7787

So if you are gaming on the SEAsian servers and are looking to have a good time, free of “toxic” people with chat / voice comms being optional, do drop by and let’s have some good OW games - win or lose.

Also, if you are playing on the Asian servers, it is fine with us too.

Same goes for our brethren in Australia.

So far, the group consists of adults who are in their 20s with me in my mid-40s.

Anyone else who does not mind the ping, just feel free to join/add the group.