Discord Community (PS4)

Hi PS4 community,

I’m Tix and I run a PS4 discord server for overwatch where people can chill and chat with other players about anything to do with the game, whether that’s the meta, new heroes, OWL or even how many duplicate Jeff gives you in your loot box.
We’re currently about 50 strong and full of nice people who like to have a good time. I try and run events as often as I can in custom games for people to do something a bit different with people they can chat to regularly, all in the name of building a fun light hearted community.

If you’re a budding streamer, you can drop a link to your stream for people to follow and watch your gameplay too.

For those more focussed on competitive (god bless you for your resilience), I’m a 4300 ranked, ex T500 player. I have played in competitive leagues and coached several teams and I’m offering coaching to those looking to improve, either on a specific hero or if you have a group of you that likes playing together I can also coach you on how to play better and rank up together as a team. There is absolutely no limit on your rank or ability and I want to share anything I can to help people improve. I mainly do this through reviewing your competitive footage. For teams looking to practice and improve together or individuals and teams looking to try a new strategy in a safe simulated environment, I have created a competitive test environment where you can ask the wider community of non toxic people to try it with .

I dont offer any kind of smurfing or boosting because I believe in helping people achieving their own goals, and earning their rewards.
There’s no restriction on region, rank or what your main is, the only requireent is that you’re a mature respectful individual

So if you want to join a community that can help you improve your game, where you can meet and make friends outside, and generally have a good time leave a reply with your discord tag and I’ll get you added asap.

Looking forward to seeing you soon


Im interested. My discord is slsonic#1840

Always interested in finding new peeps to play with, discord --> @Dan aka ->MirrorTheDragon#6726

I’m interested, my discord is #ChivaUK

I’m interested my discord is

This sounds good to me. Discord: Starlight#6417

Would love to join up. Honeyhammy #2008 on discord.

Id like to join your server. My name is Caesiii and my tag is #9274

I hope that I‘ll learn much

I would like to join.

My discord is Wobblins#9284

Hi! I’d love to join your community. My Discord is: Lirriia#0903. :star:

Pete#3519 hmu if your still taking ppl

Would love to join if still possible. Discord: Stonebowler#7529

Yes I would like to join…

I am
PS4 | E L I X A

I am interested. And here is my discord: Mindsow_07#0365

Discord: mistergrambo#3408
Psn: mistergrambo

Looking for other competitive players to team up with.


TC, we are another discord called Bronze Tacos. If your group is interested in a friendly non toxic skirm, maybe we can plan something out. We have 70+ members, average SR is Gold. Discord is Vinyl Punk #5828

Id like too join
My discord is giantsandman13#3362
And my psn is giantsandman13

I’m very interested Hmu Asap Nick73579698(PSN)#5271

i want to join! just made a discord, don’t know how to use it yet ^^;; but my user is suyinny#4784 ((i think))