Disconnecting at the start of a match

WHY ON EARTH does disconnecting before a match starts lead to an instant penalty??? My internet literally cut out for 3 seconds and I got the leaver penalty. And this has been a thing for fkn ever. This NEEDS to change!!!


They need to do what LoL does and not punish you for leaving a match or two before it starts.

Disconnecting is treated as the same as leaving since there is no way to tell the difference between a player who forcibly unplugs their ethernet cable or WiFi router versus a legitimate disconnection. The reason why penalities are enforced on players who disconnect or leave in the early part of the game (which causes the game to cancel) is to prevent a dirty tactic known as queue dodging. This is tactic where a player leaves a game to avoid playing with or against a specific player. So in order to ensure matches successfully start and complete more often, the penalty in this case must stand.

If you are disconnecting frequently, the best thing you can do is to stop playing Competitive for now and begin troubleshooing any possible issues. It sounds like you identified that your overall internet connection cut out, which there I recommend reaching out to your ISP if that happens alot. If you are disconnecting but your internet itself is not necessarily going dark, check out these handy steps:

As always, additional help can be provided in the technical support forum.


The point isn’t the fact that I didn’t choose to leave. It’s the fact that I don’t even get a chance to reconnect basically immediately.

Think from the other 11’s view. They wait what a minute so you can reconnect? And if you don’t? What then?

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Then the match would be cancelled, obviously?? And, ofc, a punishment would also happen.

So everyone else waits 11 minutes for the chance you may return? Pass. That’s incredibly selfish of you to foist on the team.

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I was disconnected before a match was even found for competitive and lost 50 sr in what way is that fair? and general chat happened to multiple people its not my connection because everything is perfectly fine and internet never dropped

Faeten I want you to take the time to read this post from Blizzard. It will answer your questions.

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Why is there not a 30 second countdown until game is cancelled foir u to reconnect u cut out for 2 seconds and get punished? is it that unreasonable to have to wait 30 seconds to see if they can reconnect.

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If the Overwatch team understand the real world internet is complicated and disconnections are possible, please give a chance to people to rejoin match if they get disconnected at the beginning of a match. Today, I rejoined a game immediately and saw the last few seconds of the game going into a cancelled one. And then I got banned.


Such a useless penalty only disappoints one player and wastes time for the other 11 players. If the player who disconnects quickly rejoins, there should be a mechanism to stop the cancelling process and let everyone continue the game (especially given how hard to get a game recently).

I had the client two times glitch on my in Comp on Sunday, and I never have client issues. I rarely see others with “connection issues” in QP, but amazed how many in Comp… :roll_eyes:

Do not play comp if 1) your Internet service stinks, and 2) don’t play the game competitively on a trash PC that is prone to overheating. I don’t care if its “all u got”, its like trying to play basketball with someone who’s shorts keep falling down and their shoes are two sizes too big… just don’t ruin the game for others because you lack the gear to effectively play.

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