Disconnected vs Leavers

Is it at all possible to find a way in which the game can actually decipher the difference between a leaver and someone who got disconnected because their internet went out? I understand the fact that it might be difficult to do cause sometimes people get dc’d because of their internet and it might not let them back in before the match ends. But it’s extremely aggravating to win a competitive match but get a loss registered on your record because of something you couldn’t control in the first place.

No, not possible. If there was any less punishment for a dc over leaving then people would simply turn off their internet for a second to force a dc.


I genuinely don’t understand why they made it so you get a loss regardless of the reason you left the game but returned.

Just discourages people from rejoining. As for D/Cing, you should know your internet is unreliable if it happens often and either get better internet or stop playing competitive and ruining 11 other people’s games.

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Well, only way they could “detect” a leaver is by making the “leave game” button tell the server that this was intentional.
But then people would just remove the networking cable between pc and modem, which would just trigger regular DC instead of “I’m leaver”.

I genuinely don’t understand why they made it so you get a loss regardless of the reason you left the game but returned.

I get the spirit of it. Those people are still negatively impacting the game, and should be punished. You’re 100% right though that the current system creates a disincentive to rejoin and try to help your team win. It’d be nice if they at least gave you the option to not lose SR if you rejoin and win.

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The closest solution for d/cing they have is the Rejoin Match option, but even then there are times where that sometimes doesn’t pop up.

I dunno~

You don’t get SR loss if you rejoin quickly enough.

From Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties

Not really only dumb people. You could check if they hit the exit game button.
But nothing stopping you from pulling the cable out of your computer on your end instead.

internet connection is your responsibility. if it regularly cuts out take it up with your isp, maybe sue them for the distress caused by you losing sr.

please stop.

it could be stupid enough to work lol

Well that’s not entirely true. Someone who DCs and comes back and their team wins should get some sort of reward; not on par with those that stayed through the full match, but enough of an incentive to actually return to the game.

As it stands, there’s no point in returning if you legitimately DC, as you’ll lose 50 SR and get marked a loss whether or not you win the game.

Not everyone can rejoin faster than 2 minutes.

Once the game just disconnected me from the servers despite my internet being fine (tested it while I restarted the game) and I still got a loss.

Wrong. You only lose SR and get leaver penalty if you do not join back quickly enough or if you dc multiple times. Please see this post: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties


Sucks when it happens, but that’s life. Move on. The system can’t be perfect, it’s a best of a bad situation sort of deal.

Not wrong. It’s occured to me in placements before. Yes I reconnected within 2 minutes, but I was still marked for a loss.

And again, even if you are right, if it takes longer than 2 minutes to reconnect for whatever reason, you are still penalized as if you didn’t come back at all. So what’s the point of coming back?

I may be the bad guy here, but honestly I firmly believe there should be some sort of punishment if you leave a game. 50 SR isn’t bad in the long run, and if it was really a one time thing then it won’t take much to get back. Maybe a couple wins.

But your disconnect is still affecting 11 other people, and a LOT can happen in the few minutes you’re gone. ESPECIALLY with how fast paced Overwatch is. 5v6 can be a serious disadvantage, and usually people move in after a key pick (IE if you were healer or tank, especially MAIN healer or tank, you’ve essentially given the enemy a huge advantage) and within a minute you could have lost point.

Your disconnect could have led to the loss, making your 4 teammates also lose unnecessary SR.

The SR loss is a reminder for you to get your connection sorted out, or take a break until it’s under control.

My internet / gaming set up is a huge reason why I’m NOT in competitive. I cannot guarantee that 100%, and put my team’s SR in jeopardy.

Even if Blizzard makes a detecting system to determine how a person leaves, leavers will still find ways like intentionally turning off their pcs,etc.