DIsconnected, Internet working but couldn't connect to Blizz servers

Started yesterday, happened 3 times so far. Ping spikes at +200-300 ms for a few seconds then I get disconnected and I can’t reconnect for several minutes to the blizz servers

Internet is working just fine both upload speed and dload speed when this happens.

So… yup what gives.

Hm… This reminds me I haven’t had this problem in a good while for now.
A few months ago I’d get this every now and then and apparently there’s no known solution for it.
It’s probably caused by some server instability.

Everyone’s having the same problems, 280ping and random disconnection

I see =/

thanks. 20characters

Edit: (because god forbid we post into the same topic twice, let’s just make it dissapear into the nether parts of the forum right?)

And once again dc. While I’m posting this and I can’t connect to your servers. Pretty effing sure at this point that it’s your fault and I’m getting penalised for it.


DIsgusting company.

Except there are no reported outages, so not sure why you’re so certain it’s Blizzard’s fault. Perhaps your ISP is really bad at routing your traffic… as is the case with most people reporting disconnections on the forum. How about some networking tests to prove what experience you’re getting? Did you follow any of the steps in the troubleshooting thread?