Disconnected from game issues

Why do I get penalties if I got disconnected from games because of my internet?
Yes, my internet kinda sucks and all so I frequently disconnect from the match I’m playing. The game realizes this, that I’m not leaving matches on purpose, so why the hell does it make it seem like I’m rage quitting and gives me penalties?

“Oh I’m so mad that I’m gonna quit the whole game server”

Now I have a -75% on my EXP for two matches. Yes, it seems small but it might get bigger with my sad, sad internet :expressionless:


We have a sticky post pinned to the top of these forums that answers your question. You can find it Here.

IF you would like to troubleshoot to help avoid this. I would recommend to swapping to quickplay. See if you can capture any latency or a disconnect with a WinMTR. It’s extremely important you begin the WinMTR test at the start of each match until the issue occurs. So we get accurate information!

Post the results back here for us to review!

Thank you.

Thats the problem, im only doing quickplay matches and i still get penalties??

Because you are still punishing your team mates for leaving a match, even if you aren’t doing it deliberately.

And the game doesn’t realize you aren’t leaving a match on purpose. The game has no way to discern if someone leaves on purpose or if they leave because of a bad connection.

If you want to test this and avoid penalties, your best bet is to use a custom game. You can even make one yourself with all bots, maybe practice head shots or something like that, but if you’ve got a group of friends to play custom games with who will not be impacted by you leaving, that’s another way to test it if you prefer to play with/against people.