Disconnected from Comp Game durin DDoS Attack


So I just got disconnected from my competitive game during the DDoS attack just now. I couldn’t log back in to rejoin the game! I got banned and lost 50SR! WOW!

Blizzard are you gonna fix this?

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The DDoS? Yes. Your SR? No.

They’ve never compensated SR, even when it was out of the player’s hands. If they did, you’d get people trying to make excuses to get SR back from lost games.

50SR is just two wins, you can get that back easily.

Sorry but even when DDoS attacks hit Blizzard’s network providers, the game does not compensate for leaver penalties. This is why the starting penalty is small and the skill rating is easily recovered. Please see this post for more details:

The DDoS attack you refer to appears to be in the European region, please continue to follow @BlizzardCS on Twitter for updates and avoid Competitive Play at this time.