Disconnected from a competitive match

What is happening to the servers? Anybody else is getting disconnected?

Servers down. 8000 people in queue.

My srrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :frowning:

Hang on everyone, I am checking with Blizzard Tech Support right now. I do believe there is a mass issue in progress.

Please avoid Competitive Play for now. Penalties cannot be reversed. Details here:

yup was in a comp game and recieved red “unexpected server error occured” message now i cant log in

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yup everyone is getting dcs , overwatch should give us our SR back !!!

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What can I say, the same…

Number of people in queue is decreasing, but when it comes to 0 I get the error again. Is logging server down?

IT SHOULD BE - GROW up and take responsibilities for your shortcoming – so start giving it back now

See the linked post I provided for details.

I did , it doesn’t make sense , when this happens in league of legends you get bonus points for winning … is it really that hard to find the 2000 games that were affected in the crash caused by YOU and fix their SR ?
i guess not … you just never strive to be better

Well that’s the second time this week that i lose 50 sr because of a technical error, this first time being the bug that make it impossible to move at the beginning of a game
Edit: Nvm i didnt lose any sr, but it’s still the second time that a bug ruins your competitive games this week

A competitive SR loss is often recovered over a few games played because your hidden MMR is likely out of alignment. Seriously, don’t stress over it.

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