Disconnected and suspended at the start of the game

played with 4 of my mates, competitive. Match found, they all got in and I was stuck in the menu. 5 seconds later I’m suspended and -50 SR. I immediately start spamming the rejoin button but to no avail. Now don’t give me the "we can’t distinguish between bug and ragequitter. I was disconnected 3 seconds into the match. Why on earth would I spend 10 mins queue-ing then leave in 3 seconds? Please give me back my 50 SR points

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It means something happened on your path to the match server. The match continued on, since your friends could connect to it, but your client did not. Unfortunately, Blizzard doesn’t give SR back, for any reason, regardless of whose fault it is.


I had a similar experience.
No problems the few ours of quick play before, but just a few seconds after starting the competitive match I got disconnected.
Lost 50 points, 15 mins ban but still the option to rejoin. Game tried to rejoin but at the same time the competitive game ended because of my dc.

I try to link the video I saved… hope it works:


You were having persistent connection issues even when you tried to rejoin. It was good of you to try and rejoin as quickly as possible, but it won’t work if the issues with the connection are not yet resolved. Once again this clearly looks like something outside of the control of the game server itself.

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Thank you for your fast answer.

As I wrote, I had no issues the games before and it didn’t happen again during the next games (quick play). These are a few seconds (1:33 to 2:03) of the 5 mins video recording of the event and it is clear I had no problems for the rest of the evening.

Not asking for my sr back, I don’t care and it is known you can’t ever get it restored.
Could really be an unlucky coincidence, but if not, hope this helps in the future for a better game.

thank you

If it was a one-time issue, best to just check by playing several games of quick play and to carry on after. One-time disconnects happen to everyone every now and then, and not much can be done but to wait it out. If you find it that you are having frequent disconnections, then that is worth coming back and reporting in and we can work on steps to isolate and possibly correct problems.

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