Disconnect penalty - harsh and unfair

So my internet connection is decent most of the time but occasionally it just tanks out of nowhere. It’s usually only 10-30 seconds of terrible connection, but as you might suspect this causes a lot of problems. As I am writing this I have just been suspended and lost 50 of my hard-earned sr because i disconnected from the game in the last 10 seconds. It didn’t have any impact on the game as a whole yet I got punished.

I understand that the suspencion system can’t be changed entirely as it would be horribly abused. I just don’t understand why I have to be punished so harshly for something unintentional that has minimal impact on the outcome of the game. I suggest some kind of timer that makes it so if you disconnect for less than a certain amount of time you would not be suspended. This would make a big difference for players like me who struggle with poor connection yet not reward people who leave entirely.

I don’t understand ther system. Is there something I’m missing?

I would observe the starting penalty, which is a 15-minute suspension from Competitive Play, is actually quite balanced for all situations. The idea for penalizing technical issues is to get you to STOP playing Competitive Play until you are 100% confident any issues are resolved. To quote Game Director Jeff Kaplan:

Source: Old Overwatch Forum Archvies

Based on your first sentence, it sounds like you have disconnections coming up just enough to where it is negatively impacting the experience not only for yourself but for all of the teammates that are left hanging when you disconnect. I know it is not your intention to leave, but it is considered equally as bad to not take the time and effort to troubleshoot, identify, repair, or prevent the issue that causes your disconnection. It’s not easy to do so in some cases and more often it requires a bit of help if you are not familiar with how online game connections work. That is why we have a technical support forum where Blizzard Tech Support agents and forum MVPs like myself try to lend a hand.

In the end, it is your responsibility to have a consistently reliable internet connection. Yes, an issue can happen to anyone at any time, but that is why the penalty starts small. If you need help with identifying connection issues don’t be afraid to ask or work through some rather helpful troubleshooting steps that Blizzard has available on their support site. If you have further questions about the policy for disconnections, you can refer to this official thread:

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That’s what I did when my PC was starting to become slower due to a lot of viruses in the old computer, but now that I have a new one, I start playing competitive a little bit more.

To be honest, I don’t understand the leaver penalty if someone doesn’t leave the spawn door.

In those instances, there is really no impact

It’s to prevent Queue Dodging. Once you load into the match you immediately know the map, teammates, and opponents. Lets say if you didn’t to deal with a specific map, teammate, or opponent, you decide to AFK to avoid taking the hit on your skill rating. Queue Dodging would be an exploit if no penalty was issued to an early leaver.

I can tell you don’t play dps. Lul.

I only play DPS :joy:

When that happens, with the priority pass and the fact everyone else queues at the same time, you normally get a game again with the same people.

Well I think:
A) there should be a penalty but it should not be as harsh especially if it’s only once
B) there should be a window to reconnect that makes sense as this has happened to me twice by accident

It’s a different problem with different drivers and exploits that has been lumped together with the rest.

I understand the solution and that non will be perfect but I feel it should be more nuanced than it currently is.