Disconnect during Archive Missions

I keep on getting connection issues whenever I try to play Archive Missions. I have no issues whatsoever on other modes. Every time I’m in an Archive Mission, I get disconnected at least twice or three times per match. I’m still in team chat and appears to still be in the game, but my teammates are saying that I’m afk. I don’t know if this is an issue with my internet or the game itself.

Quite recently there have been some connection issues.
These have been caused by recent DDOS attacks on the network providers revolving Blizzard.

It means Blizzard is not being directly attacked, so it’s not at fault of their servers. (As far as i’m aware of)
It’s more a technical malfunction, and sadly enough SR cannot be refunded if you were wondering: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties