It would be nice if they would properly communicate what is going to be exclusive and what isn’t.

Many people where under the impression, that the All Stars Skins would return because they are not listed in the legacy category.
And while there would still be people complaining about not being able to get the skins, at least Blizzard wouldn’t have raised their hopes up only to let them down.

I don’t have a problem with exclusive skins, but they really need to work on their communication here.


Transparency is key. Have we had any word on the Sombra Demon Hunter skin? That one was actually confirmed to be released at a later date


Hey, thank you so much for putting in the effort for us! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It sucks you have to be the bearer of bad news but I know it’s not your call any more than mine.

Eh, if possible, please make a note for the guys whose call it is that they’ve lost my money and interest in the OWL if more opportunities will not be made available ? :woman_shrugging: Guess that’s about all I can do.


Yeah that’s not really smart, because some people weren’t able to get them at time (like me because of false reports), they really should put them again (more money for them and people will be happy too).

I don’t understand Blizzard sometimes.

Make last year's All Stars skins avaiable please!

To be fair, nothing stated that Genji and Tracer would return so you hyped yourself up for nothing. If they were going to return, Blizzard would have showed them off on the advertisment for Lucio and Mercy’s release date.

I am sorry you missed them, but there was nothing stating that they were coming back.


First understand, that when promotions like this come around (Overwatch League related or not) I feverishly implore all users to take advantage of the opportunity while it is available. Deep down, I feel many of these promos are “one-time only” and simply cannot be ignored when the opportunity is around. For example, there is now a lot of uncertanity that the Demon Hunter Sombra skin will ever return despite fine print saying it will. So I hope it is realized that each of these promotions and offers need to be jumped on immediately when the opportunity arrives to avoid being disappointed later.

Now as far as trying to let higher powers know, understand I have limited communication with Blizzard (and I try not to abuse it too much). This is why I created the Developer Post Directory and it now has a new section where key questions for real-time issues (like this one) are listed, which can hopefully generate a response.


Yeah and that’s cool for people who really wanted them last year (but thx to false reports I didn’t get them) and they waited another year for nothing (+ the fact that they saved money for nothing twice).


How is that anyone else’s fault? It isn’t anyone’s fault that you held out hope a dated skin was coming back?


But it wasn’t specified to be year limited. The time limit was just during all-stars.
Well, all-stars is back, and they aren’t there, so people are confused as to why it doesn’t work like any other recurring event.




I am disappointed as well, but Blizzard has prepared me well for disappointment with lootboxes.


Can I whine about Pink Mercy skin?


Not the same thing but you can. :smiley:


Because OWL isn’t OW. It is a separate entity. No other esports events bring back last year’s dated content, you can’t get jerseys for players that only played last year. Why expect OWL to be different. They were marketed as OWL All Stars 2018 content, so yes they were.


I want the fusion to go back to primarily orange jerseys again. So my gear isnt all off.

I also want return of the old (much better quality) jerseys.

But, unfortunately old items dont always find their way back in sporting until sales are down and “throw backs” come out to boost sales.

:frowning: full eagle true kelly green helmets, for example


You could buy them only for 2 weeks too ? :smiley:


However long the sale was, yeah, but that was still that time period last year for that event only


There is a huge difference tho…


How? A one weekend event has limited skins to go with said event, they can’t be bought after said event. That is pretty standard.


You can only get year specific nfl nhl baseball allstars gear in that year, during that event.

Makes perfect sense this wouldn’t be any different.

If it does play out differently, and they bring back the legacy items, good on blizz for sure though, and i hope you guys can get your desired atlantic tracer skin. (boo pacific! :stuck_out_tongue:)