Disappointed by the S3 changes

No, its not because of the Mercy changes. The specific nerf to backwards GA is a little confusing, but overall, I dont really care about those changes.

No Sojourn nerfs, no Kiriko nerfs, an Ana nerf, Widow only received a 25hp nerf which I doubt will be a big enough change on its own, and a few other things.

Overall, not enough done about these oneshot heroes, the only one who I think was ok, Hog, still looks to be in a bad place from his hook combo nerf. The Ram ult nerf was a nice surprise, as was the small Lucio buff. Poor Brig still looks to be the worst support out of the bunch, even with the helpful buff to her packs and small ult buff.


Sombra enters the chat

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Where are people seeing the balance changes?

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Too bad picking Sombra is basically throwing in every other regard.



I beg to differ

You are the only one. I think it’s pretty universally accepted at this point that Sombra is a throw pick.


If you say so

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Yeah, it’ll take 24 bodyshots to kill a widow now, instead of 29, assuming no healing, which I guess is helpful.

I think the sombra buffs are ok. She will still be much weaker than she was S1 and I doubt she will see a ton of play off these changes alone.

Hmm, the more I think about it, the more I think most of her additional playtime this patch will come from people attempting to counter the newly buffed ball rather than technically being a better assassin against widow and, to a lesser degree, other squishies.

I found them from KarQ newest video, but theres probably others up too. Im just hoping for some more changes that werent listed or were put up last minute. The current list of changes is, as I said, disappointing.

I feel like I just read a lot of bull crap changes that didn’t need to be made. Riot is that you?


I’m not touching competitive until Sojourn is hard nerfed. I’m tired of the same thing for 3 seasons. Their adamancy to keep her busted isn’t appreciated, it’s incredibly frustrated, and very little changes in competitive because they’re keeping her so strong. Kiriko’s a close second but at least that’s more bearable than Sojourn. I’m not down to go for 6 months of this constant Sojourn meta. Get her out of the game and stop forcing her down our throats.

Also lmao the Mercy changes are not going to encourage triage-supporting. It’s still going to encourage Sojourn pocketing even more :rofl: Because why would you try to triage with clunkier movement? Just stick to damage boosting the hero that one shots.


Yeah, thats an interesting one. If their goal was “We want to encourage Mercy to heal low teammates rather than pocket one hero”, then adding “Oh, and we made it slower to move between teammates” was an odd decision.


I’m amazed there’s no Orisa nerf.

She can shut down ults in two ways - eating (like defence matrix) and a ranged stun (like ana sleep)
She cannot have her ultimate cancelled - it’s immune to sleep, hack and any other kind of stuns, it slows everyone and moves them like a grav, and can’t be blocked by shields
She has three different crowd control/knockback abilities (if you include her ult)

She just has way too much utility and its something I want to write a bigger post on.


Gameplay won’t be massively improved until they go back to 2-2-2 (6v6) and revert the beefy tank stuff as well as some counters (some CC) to compensate.


There is.

Augmented Fusion Driver

  • Damage falloff range reduced from 25 to 15 meters.

When they are unable to nerf something that needs it as bad as Sojourn has for as long as she has, Im not surprised Orisa managed to avoid getting any changes. Not any real nerfs anyways. That falloff range “nerf” on her primary wont change much by itself.

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These forum takes are so wild man. The primary damage falloff nerf was a revert which brought her into prominence last time she was buffed.

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I’m half and half on the changes. Some are good, some are bad, some are non-existent.

Like you said: Sojourn and Kiriko remain untouched.

Suzu is a problem and makes the game so unfun to play. Sojourn has no counter, high damage, good mobility, one-shot capacity. If Blizzard doesn’t realize that Kiriko is in almost every match, especially at higher ELO, and they don’t realize why… I’m lost.

I am glad Sombra damage got buffed but it’s still not enough. She is my main, but not the only DPS I play. She will probably still be unable to kill anything except an unexpecting Widow or a spawn-camped Mercy and that’s with a weapon with naturally high inaccuracy. (Edit: Or someone with low health that you manage to get to with Opportunist).

The Ram ult change is quite nice. It literally never ends so it’s nice they toned it down despite it being a “flavor killer”.

Technically the Ana nerf is still a net buff as before it was buffed to 4 seconds, antinade duration was 3 seconds. So it still is a net buff with it at 3.5 seconds, they just toned it down a bit. A half a second doesn’t seem like long but really it is.

It was originally 4s in OW, they nerfed it to 3 going into OW2, then reverted the buff, and now have partially reverted the revert.

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