Disappearing characters

I mistakenly reported a couple of people yesterday for using what I thought was some type of movement hack.

The first time a junkrat seemed to fall on top of me out of nowhere as I jumped up on the cart to clean up their team. I targeted the lucio and junkrat fell onto the payload right in front of me and I died instantly. I assumed he shot down from the sky. In the replay he was standing right in front of the cart the whole time and he just walked up to me and jumped and shot me in the face.

The second time I walked up to the payload and there was a reaper and no one else. Then suddenly Orissa just appeared on the cart.

Can anyone tell me if this is just my graphics card dying or maybe my internet connection?

Now that I’m thinking about it, later that night, my video card sent a random message; “stream ended”. Maybe it was locked in some type of false streaming mode.

It could be related to the graphics issue. I would probably do the troubleshooting steps in the sticky and then if you’re still having issues, provide a dxdiag for the mods to look at.