Disabled People and Symmetra

So new gun is just another Zarya gun.


To gain max damage you got to keep the beam on the target longer than usual (from 1 to 2 seconds)

Will this affect disabled players? I heard they tend to play her since it is a lot easier with her lock-on gun.

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There’s videos of a dude playing Genji with a straw on youtube, it should be a non issue.


From what I recall, there hasn’t been an actual statement saying it’s like Zarya’s beam. Someone source me if I’m wrong, but I believe they said they’re just removing the auto-lock. They could give it an assist similar to Moira’s, which I think is the best option.


It will affect everyone who relied on her lock on to maintain damage.

The damage racks up to 190 on the new sym. Please don’t

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They specifically said:

‘‘A straight beam’’

Lemme grab a source

Edit: Ok here it is

I hate it that she is just another Zarya that takes down barriers faster.

I mean her gun… it is just TOO similar with the beam and the AoE bombs

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Moira’s beam is not any kind of lock or assist, it’s a wide beam. It just has an animation that locks to the center when any of that beam is on the target.

Moira and Zarya work the same way, except Moira’s beam is wider than Zarya’s and has an animation that makes it look like it locks on (it doesn’t).

Symmetra’s beam will probably be between the two beam diameters.

Dafuq are you even talking about.

Moira has AIM ASSIST

Zarya’s doesn’t so no, it is not an ‘‘animation that makes it look like it’’ it is called AIM ASSIST

moira has no aim assist. Try it out in firing range. If it’s within the invisible beams radius it does damage. If it’s off it does not. There is a definite and absolute on and off target line.


They’re trying to tell you it’s not assist, it’s just a wide beam that has a thin animation.

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While any disability inhibiting your ability to play a game, is awful, it isn’t what something should be balanced for.
There are still heroes you can be effective with using minimal movement and aim. Junk, Winston, Mercy etc seem like obvious examples.

They can be played perfectly well without relying on quick precise movements and aim.

Sym’s lock on is keeping her from being a relevant pick.


I wouldn’t call it a disability but when I grip down on an object with my hand, I do get tremors. How bad they are varies day by day and because I can’t really turn my mouse sensitivity down enough to be able to aim accuratley while being able to still retain a reasonable range of movement from a mouse swipe, I avoid a lot of heroes.

I can’t speak for every person with disabilities, but I find that I’m able to be at least somewhat effective playing as Moira, Winston, Lucio, etc. Heroes that either don’t rely on precision aiming or have projectiles with large hit boxes. I think there are still options out there for people who, for whatever reason, have difficulty aiming

So the sym change will be another counter to Rein? Naisu. That’s what he needed. Specially after Brigitte stunning him for free.

Please link this, I’d love to see it.

Google “disabled playing overwatch”, first video. Dude with a baseball cap and beard.

Got it. For anyone else who would like to see


It depends on your disability. But, there are a fair number of us who are concerned for this precise reason.

Personally, I have an issue that makes it physically painful to play most of the roster, and I can’t play them very effectively because my muscles don’t cooperate much of the time. Symmetra is the only character that both doesn’t hurt nearly as much, and has an entire character design that does not require fast reflexes and has more forgiving aim (due to her DOT primary fire).

But, with the kit changes, I (and other’s like me) will no longer be able to play her, which means I won’t get to play Overwatch much, if at all.

The sad thing is the community response since a handful of us have tried to bring attention to this on various forums in the hope that Kaplan and company will spare 1/27th of the hero roster for game accessibility. Aside from a wonderful few who are trying to raise awareness or show support, most Normies usually:

A) list other characters and say play them*

B) point at a single member of the disabled community and imply/declare that if that one person with that specific disability and rig can do it, clearly everyone else can

C) or basically just tell us we’re not worth paying attention to because they don’t think there are enough of us to be considered important

It’s a shame, really. And a poor business move as they’re closing themselves off from a sector of the market.

*This is usually the first thing everyone says to me, and to head off any replies, I’ll just recycle an old comment:

"People tend to think this a lot, but the issue goes further than one aspect of the kit.

As for all the heros everyone usually recommends to replace her, they don’t quite mesh up, as most of them are only superficially accessible. While they all require minimal aiming for their primary fire (or Torb’d turret), most of the remainder of their kit relies on fast reflexes and reliable muscle movement in order to use them even somewhat effectively.** Having them act as a replacement for Sym, isn’t the same.

**For those thinking, ‘Just don’t use those portions of their kits then.’: That’s like telling someone to play the game while under a perpetual Sombra Hack. Not exactly a fun prospect, is it?"

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