⚠️ Disabled Competive

I bet this is due to Blizzard messing with the matchmaker to try to lower DPS wait times. And someone did an oopsie.

We’re all watching people complain here, and I just switched tabs and twitter is talking about another mass shooting just happened ;-;

Mine says “Role Queue Beta” “Season Ends in Less than a Minute” now. I’m afraid to try to queue. :rofl:

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True to form. Thank you for confirming all of my suspicions about you, kid.

Season already ended, we are now going for S19!!

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When your original account has been stuck in silver and bronze for 2 years, getting it to the cusp of plat feels pretty damn good.

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Hey everyone, when Season 18 went live matchmaking values from prior seasons weren’t being respected. We’re extending the Role Queue Beta Season while we work on a fix for this bug, we expect to be ready for Season 18 early next week.

(A side effect of extending the beta season, the competitive card will say the season is ending in less than a minute.)


I think we all just need to take a deep breath because this argument is getting out of hand. People make mistakes, if you would like to argue I would recommend DMing each other only because it doesn’t seem to be adding to the issue/conversation at hand. Just a recommendation, don’t shoot the messenger.


Yeah, this is the best I could do :sandwich: XD

Hard to believe this blew up so quickly

The Role Queue Beta season has ended and Season 18 did start but due to reported issues of players getting placed in severely different SRs than normal, they disabled Competitive to investigate.

I just wanna say, this has been the most glorious time in the last 3 years of playing this game.


implying MM wasn’t already broken?


Thanks for the info Bill :+1:

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alright. Everyone Back to beta!

noooooooooooooooo not one more week!!!

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What will happen to Bonus Competitive Point payouts because of this? I myself already claimed mine.


Thank you for letting us know details about the issue. We appreciate your work, especially since it is labor day weekend, and I hope everything goes well!


Do we still earn comp points in Role Queue Beta even though it’s supposed to be over?

I smell a profit


Genji is dissapointed…

Initiate Mada Mada spam next to the point

But don’t touch point, thats illegal