Different Idea for Moira change

Instead of changing her orb, can it be looked at for her to receive fade utility again. Moira’s biggest reason for being bad right now is her inability to compete with Bap in her own role. She doesn’t do anything unique to set herself apart from a Bap during a teamfight in this meta, yet has significant shortcomings that Bap does not have. Like the inability to take high ground or not having immortality or anything similar to it.

She can’t take high ground, she can’t prevent deaths to burst damage, her fade is about as useful as immortality for survival, her healing orb is about equal to regen burst (it may be less healing on one target, but regen burst can potentially heal a lot more total health than heal orb), and her healing is not much stronger than baps. The last time Moira was hard Meta, she was replacing Bap in double shield after he was nerfed. Moira seems to only come out of the woodwork when Baps utility is no longer needed, telling me her kit has mostly the same use cases as his, yet he has so much more utility than her.

I think a good change to Moira to add her more versatility to compete with Bap would be to give fade utility. Maybe the cleanse ability added back to fade, but giving it a 10-12 second CD, and give her 225 hp to counteract the loss to her sustain.

At the very least give her the ability to fade UPWARD (not in combination with the cleanse, I mean this as a separate thing if this does happen). Moira has enough shortcomings as it is, does high ground really need to be one of them too? I feel like she really is the only hero on the roster hard countered by high ground maps.

Wait. Are they removing fade jumps??