Didnt recieve battlepass coins

I bought the premium battle pass and I didn’t get my coins. Support just copy and pastes generic responses from a Word document and send us here. My first response literally told me coins aren’t offered in the pass… This seems to be a rather prominent and reoccurring issue based off internet searches on the matter. Ticket Number: US99410548

The coins are free and you do not get extra coins from purchasing it.

On season 10, there are coins at tiers 10, 49, and 79 I believe.

Pic of paywalled coins for s10 or it didnt happen. No reason to say “i believe”.

I only meant I believe those were the specific tiers. (imgur com /a/baF0ALE)

I cant post links

there is a total of 600 coins in the battle pass, and theyre all in the free tier. upgrading the battle pass does not give u additional coins.

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