Didn't get OW Contenders League drops

Yes, My account is linked on both the Contender’s official web page and through YouTube (Web Version).
I’ve only missed 2 games for all of Oct. for the normal North American, Australian, and some European League… and I have even watched some of the Korean? games.
Also, I watched ~10 hours in September for Contenders… The last skin I got was Genji OWCL Green and black. (no mercy, no pharah, no winston, no mei… etc.)
I have triple checked it, and it shows “Linked” and (diamond)Contenders Reward.

Can someone check into this, please?
I mean, I can send screen shots if needed. And, if you check I actually ask questions and submit vote for the winners in the comments of the videos.

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Have you checked that your country is eligible for rewards? You can see the full list in this OWL blog post.

U.S. of A.
I’ve gotten rewards, I got the genji skin as my first OW CL skin. But, I will def double check. ty.

Just checked… and yeah, I’ve gotten hundreds of tokens… and OWL Grey / white skins too. no sprays tho… And no additional Contenders Skins… even though I have more than enough hours in for October, and enough for at least one September skin.

The Genji skin is NOT a live-stream reward drop, it is granted to everyone who logs into Overwatch starting in October 2020. Remember to check the Hero Gallery without using any filters (as there is some bugs with those at this time). There are no notifications for live-stream rewards. If you have not earned anything, then something is wrong with your connected account and you will need to refer to my troubleshooting here.

It shows that it’s connected, Shows that the google account is allowing blizzard access. Shows the diamond brightly next to the rewards section directly under the video.
I’m not suspended / muted. I have a green dot on the contenders page denoting viewership rewards. Every thing that I can check / do on my end has been done. even tried clearing out cookies for everything OW related / YT related, and signing back in, at the beginning of October.

Machine that I am watching it on’s specs: Linux Ubuntu 21.04, Firefox browser (Latest Cannonical version.)

It shows that it’s connected in YouTube, and even on the contenders website (I started watching it on both, just to be sure.)
Still… zero drops showing up in my hero gallery. (Because yeah - no notifications.)

I asked Overwatch Contenders, and they said to post here to have it fixed… That you cannot go through Customer Service.
So… kind of at a loss as to why I watch hours of semi pros play, and not get a thing for it. Any real help with this would be appreciated.

Not going to lie, I’m getting kind of tired of jumping through hoops to support blizzard, and get told something less than helpful when there’s an issue. I’ve done my part… it’d be really nice to have the needed help to fix this. And by needed help - just have it fixed. I’m not wasting more of my life to try for something that is promised yet never granted.

I got the Genji skin in August 2021… even though I have been a regular player since Dec. 2018… And played everyday in 2020 due to the pandemic. (The Halloween Terror is my favorite event…)

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This can cause conflicts and may prevent rewards from dropping, only choose one or the other to be safe.

Did that for the last two videos. Thinking that maybe somehow, it might work.

Most of October, I watched through YouTube Gaming.
Heck, I even said Hi to you in the chat, WyomingMyst. And even chatted some with TheLemonKiwi (she’s really cool btw.)

And, I have the OWL home / away skins, from viewership rewards…

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Now let’s be clear, you have been watching Overwatch Contenders when they are live correct? Again, the Genji skin is NOT a rewards-drop. It never is. You only get 2 different heroes each month (I have the schedule listed in my support guide). This month is Mei and Winston, but right now Mei will not show up in the game client until a future patch (this was formally announced by Blizzard). So for now you should only be checking to see if you earned Winston after a total of ten hours watched in the month of October only.

Yes. While Live. The chat on YouTube is closed when it’s not live streamed. I know, I went back to check the last one, where I said Hi to you in the Chat… And the stream before that, I was talking to LemonKiwi. I was also looking for where OverWatch Contenders (checkmark) told me directly to come here to get my skins fixed. Because I @ tagged them, and they @ tagged me… DURING the match. A few messages after that, is where I said Hi to you. (even tagged you.)
I didn’t get any of the Contender ones for September… thought that I would at least get the Mercy skin.
I just checked again, no Winston skin. I watched (I want to say 5 or 6 full live streams… I have honestly lost track here…) every time it was on between 7 am and 4 am… (For Contenders, this month.)

I watched all of the OWL matches, as I do like them… And I got almost 500 tokens from that in Sept. I guess, what I am saying is that I know that it works for YouTube watching the OWL. Contenders, through YouTube… not so much.

Mercy was not a September skin (it was last offered in December 2020), it was Pharah and Ana for last month.

Okay… well. I didn’t get either of those, either. I checked them too…

Sorry, kinda exhausted at the moment.
I’ve checked the skins on every hero, every day since the 25th of September.

Okay. After the update, I got the Mei skin.
I’ve not received any other skins. Not Winston, Pharah, nor Ana.

[EDIT 2]
I guess, don’t worry about it. I unsubscribed and I am no longer wasting my time with what my friends call “Knock off OW League.” And, to be fair, the games on Contenders League are Meh at best, and without the rewards – So. Not. Worth. Watching.