Didn't get Grand Finals Rewards!


I didn’t get the owl rewards from the grand finals and playoffs. I’ve watched some hours of the playoffs and I have watched both grand finals streams live of course. I have watched them on my ps4 on YouTube. My PlayStation Account is linked to my YouTube Account, my YouTube Account is linked to my Battlenet Account and my Battlenet account is linked to my Overwatch game (I also use the crossplay feature).

Did anyone have information about why I don’t get my rewards? Is their a solution for this issue? It would be really sad if I won’t get the skins because I watched many hours of the Streams and I had to stay awake for a really long time here in Germany to actually watch the streams.

Thanks for taking the time to help me and have a nice day :blush:!

You cannot use the YouTube video game console apps as they do not have rewards enabled. Only the website and YouTube mobile app (for current Android and iOS devices) are compatible. There are instructions in both the official guide on OverwatchLeague.com as well as my Streaming Rewards Guide here on the forums that provided instructions for what eligible devices and apps can be used.

I’ve not gotten any rewards from OW CL since mid September. I checked, my account it linked to BOTH YouTube and The contender’s page. And, I know that it was working, because I got the genji skin in August.
Any suggestions?

Actually i watched the Grand finals on my laptop & got my 100 OWL tokens + the 6 OWL league brand skins but didn’t get the spray, I’ve seen numerous people complain that they haven’t gotten the spray despite earning other rewards during the stream.

On the regular OWL things, I got tokens… that was it.
Are there malfunctions with the systems communicating? just curious

The Genji contenders. skin is given away for free to anyone and everyone who logs into Overwatch. It is NOT a live-stream reward.

The spray has not been unlocked for anyone yet, I have details about this in the announcement section of my Overwatch Streaming Rewards Guide & Troubleshooting thread.


Thanks for notifying us mate! much appreciated!

Yeah, I get that… I really do… just pointing out that I got it because things were connected. I got OWL tokens, and OWL skins… And nothing from Contenders viewership.