Did we need a makeover of the heroes?

it is not in the least a provocation, but the logical analysis of how coherent the need for a restyling of the standard skins of the Overwatch heroes is. Let’s start with the assumption that many of the skins … yes, they are reasonable in their restyling. Or at least, for those involving the Overwatch task force. Or at least, for those involved in the Overwatch task force like tracer, winston, genji, mercy and reinhardt…

Did the junkers deserve a makeover? yes, it is quite consistent with the fact that they took a trip around the world before returning to Junkertown for their plans against the queen.

Symmetra after the narration in Stone By stone absolutely needed this new aspect which makes her much closer to her human roots and perceptions, including the golden details.

For Talon’s agents, I can hardly tell if they NEED a logical makeover, but they sure are much more stylish than before (especially reaper and sombra)

Moira in particular did not have much space in the lore of the present, but the tiny details on her face, hair and arm, combined with the scientist’s coat, make it extremely consistent with her role as a genetic scientist, much more than her outfit. black (however elegant).

A restyle that I do not understand 100% are those of Baptiste, Zarya, Mei and D.va. Not because they are not very elegant, but simply very optional for what they have done within their lore in the present

I do not consider the new designs of Ashe, Zenyatta, phara and hanzo to be 100% necessary: they are certainly interesting, but the step that made a stylistic update necessary is not very clear. Maybe just “rejuvenating them”, especially hanzo.

Absolutely incomprehensible the redesign of Wrecking ball and Sigma, not to mention unnecessary at some point: Wrecking ball was already in its form in which it began its journey around the world and has not had any kind of narration in the present. It also had a logical evolution of its mech: spaceship> war robot> vehicle for a long journey. Sigma, on the other hand, is the most unjustified resedisgn. not because bad but simply because she didn’t have any kind of narration explaining her transition from OW1 to OW2. At this point we can define the sigma subject as “standard skin”.

To make the redesign of sigma and the “non” redesign of Echo more unjustified, a hero who was simply still a prototype never myodified by anyone since its deactivation. it was quite logical especially for her to have a redesign, although her current design is very nice.

The Bastion and Orisaa redesigns are very opportunistic with the functional reworks they have received. But the substantial difference is that if Bastion’s link with Torbjorn is understandable, the same cannot be said of Orisa, who was already a “new robot”. We can place the new aspect of her after “hero of numbani” with the javelin and voice update but … nothing takes it from my head that her hairstyle is worse than her iconic side horns. I can “understand” that it is a tribute to her idol, Lucio … but simply her original side horns (which are sensors) fit the shape of her face better.

Torbjorn, Ana and cassidy have certainly had a little bit of today’s narrative to justify a restyling … and of the three the most successful is Ana who after so many adventures needed a new look. Cassidy can only be justified for being a wanted man. Torbjorn has rejuvenated well, but I personally don’t approve that after ditching the “dwarf of Warcraft” look he now literally looks like Swann from StarCraft II. Can we make it less celebratory than other Blizzard franchises?

Soldier … he could have had better logical thinking. The mask was necessary to disguise his voice to the world, and the fact that he has never seen himself with a beard before (commando, commander, official, and standard skin) proved well that he did not appreciate him for his military habit. Giving him a beard only makes him so “daddy” and not very consistent with his habits. maybe a short beard without long hair would have been more consistent for him.

Brigitte is a … 50/50. she is in the same logical position as Sigma, forgiven only by the fact that she showed up in Zero hour. But basically her design already had to be not a sign that she had made a choice to join Overwatch, in this new taskforce of heroes.

in my personal opinion, the best logical redesign was Symmetra’s, lore speaking. The most illogical and unnecessary of all? definitely Sigma, a character who still does not speak 100% about what he does in the lore or how he lives the routine in addition to the experiments. It has never shown it in OW1, so why justify its redesign?

and your best and worst redesign, according to the logic of lore?

I hate hanzo and pharah’s redesigns, because for lore purposes they make no sense. It makes them look like the bow and armor respectively are different than ow1 which makes no sense from a lore perspective. I disagree with zarya not needing a redesign, because she has taken this appearance in the comics, and frankly zarya’s ow1 design was about as boring as you can get.

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i want orisa with the horns and lucio’s hair

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Sometimes I forget Pharah even got a new design.

The minimalist philosophy was such a stupid approach, considering they didn’t get rid of the OW1 classic skins.

I really enjoy some of the new looks because some of them put more of the hero’s culture into them