Did the moira buff get reverted?

just wondering if im too tired and reading this wrong, or this is actually happening… did the moira buff get reverted? was the dps that triggered?

Yes. Moira can not Fade while stunned anymore.

feelsbad… now its back to ana in comp


it was too op imo

just make her heal through shields


it really really helped her survivability tho… healing through shields isnt that big of a buff… imo they should nerf stun + fth… it was probably the mccree mains crying that they cant get a braindead kill on a healer anymore…

rip moira

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Yeah being unkillable helps survivability, who would have thought that?

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mccree main, im guessing?

Better to create new topic, then spend 1 minute to find existed, right…

I play McCree. Not the point.
It impacts my Ana more.

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I havent had problem with it. A character with low CC cooldow like Doom could bait out fade and kill her. If a character like McCree uses his CC on Moira then thats his fault for not knowing about it. Escaping from a Rein ult had no use since Moira has not enough heal output to keep the stunned teammates alive alone.

Yes it was reverted. It didn’t make her any more viable in high tier while it just made her a lot harder to kill in low tiers where she’s already really strong

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cry about it hehe

as ana i really had no issue dealing with her, i would just nade her, causing her to fade, sleep her, and then spam group up… if you cant bait out her fade that was kinda your fault…

I didn’t say I couldn’t but her existence baits out your own abilities that are better used in a group setting.

then why are you arguing for a point you have no iss…

yaknow what nvm :blush:

Because it’s Friday. :stuck_out_tongue:
Honestly why would you want to keep wasting nade? I hate using it to heal myself even.

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Seriously? Good I was starting to hate the hate I was getting playing her and glad to have fade as a skill shot again. Although I would love a little buff :slight_smile:

rather the balance enthusiasts disagreed

thats a fancy way to say “i couldnt kill the moira as easy as i would like please nerf again ty”


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It did. And honestly, it was for the best. That buff was dumb.