Did just Overwatch Added 4K, 60 HZ Resolution with the PACHIMARCHI update

You noticed some differences ?

Oh for sure. The frame rate is definitely up, and everything looks so crisp/sharp.

I played a few games on option 2. 1140p, max graphics, targets 60fps and was amazed. It was like the difference between playing with 200ms ping and a 10ms ping. The game is so responsive and looks so fluid, almost soap opera effect like. Which is weird cause I thought it ran better already on X before the patch. Play a few games and you’ll see what I mean.

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Hey Wyoming, the patch notes mentioned we could toggle “Damage FX” under the advanced video settings. But on the series X I don’t even see a advanced tab to begin with. Is this a bug or a patch note error?

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I didn’t see those options either.

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I use 4K 60fps , I did noticed it right away , i was asking you if you did notice ,

You mean this?

I believe that will be for the PC platform only, but let me see if can get confirmation on that.


Ya I did. I haven’t tried 120Hz yet (it would require me to move a cable hehe). My receiver is unfortunately HDMI 2.0 and I don’t want to replace it yet.


What about similar upgrades (Xbox Series X/S got) for the PS5 can you check on that too?


I think that is a matter of the backwards combability firmware that each platform provides, which is why Xbox got these features and PlayStation didn’t. I am not a console player myself so I will have to look into how backwards compatibility works first.

Update, yeah I confirmed this is a platform issue outside of game developers control… details in this article:


Wow! That’s…
looks at vanilla Xbox One
So cool…


Okay I did confirm the general update about the Damage FX options was only intended for the PC platform only.


Did any of this introduce changes to the PS4 Pro? Upon playing the game after the patch it seems smoother and like it’s a 100% stable FPS.

It’s possible that it’s just due to taking a few hours break today, but I swear something is different when compared to earlier and days before.


even if you dont have 120hz display, you better still use performance mode of 120 fps, because the more fps you have the more responsive the game will be


I also have the Ps4 pro and I can tell that everything runs better now.
The menu is on 60 FPS and the hero selection is sooooo smooth
They did something…


Menus, highlight intros, and character select screens are now 60fps.

What about the game ?!

Unfortunately PS4 pro/PS5 got none of the new features. Still stuck with 1080p 60fps

yeah But Xbox Series X now plays in 4k 60 fps

Hip hip hoor…
Whens cross-play?

Cross-play is not exactly on their wish list from what I can tell, cross-persistance/progress is though…