Did I unintentionally get those contender skins for genji?

I’ve literally never watched them yet I was given the skins is this normal or?

Yeah I got it too and I didn’t watch one second. I think it was given to everyone?

i think everyone gets those for logging in, as a way of promotion so you’ll watch more, or maybe there was a bug with dropping it so in compensation they gave it to everyone regardless of whether they watched or not

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See the top stickied post by WyomingMyst.

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I think they are Carrot on the Stick, to get you to watch, to collect the others.

The Genji OWC skins, OWC spray, and OWC player icon is a free giveaway to everyone who logs into Overwatch (not sure when this promotion will end), you can collect Mercy and Symmetra skins if you start watching Overwatch Conntenders matches at overwatchcontenders.com.

More details at:

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