Did I miss Developer Updates in Dec. And Jan?


They fired the camera guy so Jeff is going to go start doing vlogs developer updates with his phone now.


At the same time they have time and money to do whole film on yt about sounds. Soo im not so sure if they cut off dev updates for that reason.
Its more like they dont wona talk, hoping that people will be happy with what they work when it comes out.


That’s what I’m assuming. Otherwise we’d see “Hi I’m Jeff from the Overwatch team and that’s all I can tell you, see you next time!”


Good point. Forgot about that sound thingy.


You mean the camera stand.


They’ve been showing up as guests on those streams where they invited streamers to Blizzard HQ. They did Q&A’s there. They weren’t posted on any blizzard channels though, so I guess people missed them.


"I have faith that when we’re finally in the position to announce some of the bigger things that we’re working on – the community will kind of respond with ‘Oh yeah, it had to have been that. That makes sense’. The team has ambitious plans for Overwatch and the community will be pleased when we can finally talk more about them.” -from article in last year:


Yeah, I think they could have done those a little better since you didn’t know which streams were doing a Q&A and a lot of people just weren’t aware of them. But for the little info they can give out right now that was the best way to give us something.


Yea, thats a problem, im more sure about being informed that there is some owl stuff added than if devs talked about game in some random stream i never cheaked XD


I await with bated breath. Sounds like PR BS but time will tell, I guess.


Yeah, like there was this 30 minute part of Emongg’s stream where Jeff talked about Role Queue.

Like, this single 30 minute video addresses 90% of the posts on the forums right now lol.


Yea, i dont like this too, but what else we can do? Only wait or quit

And i getting close to other one to be honest XD


The devs were trying a different format on Twitch


I’m just worried that they don’t have anything to talk about anymore because they’re winding down lol


…Please tell me this is a joke. I refuse to believe we didn’t have any DU for three months because they don’t have a cameraman anymore


Of course it’s a joke :smiley: (or is it? :thinking: )


Here ya go dude:


Cut costs? It’s just Jeff sitting in front of a stationary camera in one take. It’s hardly anything.


They have lost their passion for the game. It’s clear.

Not all of us have any idea who these Twitch streamers are, or care about this fad of “streaming” so I don’t see when the devs are on. I sub to the Overwatch YouTube page. That’s where the info should be.


You be surprised how hard simple things are when you’re a business. Jeff can’t just sit in front of a camera and riff. There’s a set, maybe there’s a make up person, camera man, editor, sound technician, marketing needs to go over the script… And I bet before all that there’s a meeting between a couple of people to decide what goes in the video and how much they can talk about it and those are all paid hours.

If I was cutting costs, those things would be the first in line.