Did I block this Shatter or not?

Hello I just blocked Rein´s shatter, but he stunned me anyway. Im not sure if it was bug or what. It looks I did block it.

Here is the video: weird shatter - YouTube

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Brig’s shield is very awkward with AoE stuff, I just made a post about this. If you’re not looking 100% straight at that Rein, odds are the shield won’t matter.

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It could’ve grabbed the hitbox when you were slightly turned to the right but still
Brig’s shield is a mess NGL
The only reliable thing is stun him in the cast time

Brigitte’s shield is very unreliable.
If you look at the bottom of the shield you will notice that left and right it’s curved and open, greatly reducing the surface you cover on the ground.

Earthshatter is like a shotgun that happens on the ground.
The shatter instantly travels the entire distance now unlike in the past, so the crackling animation is very misleading.

The hammer hit the ground and you turned just after that, so that’s how you got hit.

Should you however? No, I don’t know why blizzard handicapped Brigitte’s shield at the bottom like that.


You have to be facing directly at it. It’s stupid.

Same for blocking a hammond piledriver, there’s like a 5 degree arc window you need to be pointing at, not jumping, and not on a sloped surface

Another related issue, her shield deployment is slower than Reins, so you could be 90% way through the shield deploy animation but shatter/snipes will still go THRU the shield and hit you since it’s not “active” yet

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You’re Brigitte, yes?

To be brief: No. You didn’t block that Shatter.

Favour the shooter is a weird mechanic (Or technical limitation) that doesn’t show up well on replays. The replay shows you what the server saw but Rein’s Earthshatter will hit you if it appears to be able to on his client, even it should’ve been blocked on yours.

As Rein Shattered, you were facing away with your shield at an angle where Rein had access to at least a portion of your model. You then react, whip around and attempt to block the threat to no avail.
You and the server see the second portion as when the Shatter hit.
Reinhardt saw the former portion as when the Shatter hit.
Because Reinhardt is the shooter and it’s close enough to the server’s perspective, the game chooses to believe his perspective.

Also, Brig’s shield can be really buggy when blocking things. I still have points where Hanzo arrows and Junkrat grenades go right through despite looking at them dead on.

That’s stupid as hell. The shield should be active on the button push, not the animation. Zarya’s bubble is fully active on button push.

It was a stealth undocumented nerf to Reinhardt that carried over to brigitte as well.

It is stupid. Want to know something else stupid?

Not just her shield deployment speed, but her walking while shielding speed is ALSO slower than Rein’s…

LOL wth. So if Brig had Rein’s shield, she’d be faster. Got it OW physics.

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