DId hiding Career profiles reduce toxicity?


Yes, it stops people from harassing people or calling others braindead or no aim.


That’s the simple solution. But you would have to endure constant toxicity from your teammates throughoutt the game as long as you are on DPS.

More than likely, it’s because the bullies themselves also want to play DPS.

This also helps the people who have negative winrates on their favorite hero (or any stat that they don’t feel particularily proud of).


I have been turning off coma all together lately and it’s actually really nice. If you don’t want to play mercy. Ana is really strong/ Lucios rework is really good and he feels viable. Brig is quite good right now and zen is more than viable. Don’t let them bully you and chances are most teams I am on the team sides with the victim.

Hope this helps man


I was giving Mercy as an example. It could very well be any hero in the game.

In some games I don’t feel like playing ANY support. I just want to shoot stuff with McCree.


we know that toxicity went down 17-25% depending on region, but we don’t know whether it was endorsements, lfg, PP, or a combination of the three that caused it.


Nope. It is a known logical theory of social psychology - people fill in the gaps of things they do not know.

Neither did LFG or Endorsements do anything about it either. People actually found new and fun ways to be pretty terrible with those as well. For example:

  • TopTierSoldier joined Group.
  • GroupLeaderSuperPlus: I need healing!
  • TopTierSoldier left.
  • GroupLeaderSuperPlus: lotta good he did! wow…
  • OrigConsolewatcher12140189: why you talking crap man?
  • OrigConsolewatcher12140189 left.
  • GroupLeaderWhiteKnight: wow… what a ____
  • RandoJeffLover2.0 joined.
  • RandoJeffLover2.0 left.
  • BestHealerEver joined.
  • GroupLeaderSuperPlus: thank god! we need a healer
  • BestHealerEver switched to Genji
  • BestHealerEver: We need a healer!
  • LastOneToAct left.
  • BestHealerEver left.
  • RandoJac joined.
  • RandoMac joined.

And that’s about how much good LFG did. Best part is, if the Randos joined with just enough time, they can endorse whoever they want without really seeing how they played or behaved.


It moved the self-righteous bullying from ingame to impotent whinging on the forums. Same people, different arena.



Made it worse because a Tank/Support main with 50-60% win rate can pick Mcree with 12% win rate and sabotage the entire match and nobody can say anything about it.

With public private profiles, derankers/griefers/throwers could be detected instantly, why you want a Zen main playing Hanzo with 5% win rate? that guy is obviously throwing, refusing to play his best character.


“You’re hiding information therefore you’re throwing! Nerr!”

Communicate with teammates instead of accusing them of the worst your mind can somehow conceive. There’s already one of those in a position of power in the Western world.


you can see in this thread the reason they came out with PP, all these toxic people complaining because somebody wants to play something that isn’t their main. I shouldn’t have to buy a new account to be able to play something else.


More so for endorsements and LFG that reduce toxicity. I don’t think hiding profiles didn’t have much impact but create new ones. Especially for comps and LFG.


It did for me and virtually anyone that I have seen advocating for the system. Jeff implied it did as well. In terms of objectively reducing it? Probably not. However, it redirected the toxicity and improved the user experience. In other words, it technically reduced it, but toxic players did not disappear.


Maybe in QP, but typically in comp nobody will allow you to have them private. So the answer is yes and mostly no. I don’t trust people who hide their profiles at all and just wont play with them.


lol…the % of people playing is also down. soooooo there is that too.


I think it helped with in a rather narrow scope. Love or hate private profiles one has to admit it’s cut down on the ammo people have to throw at each other. The sort of person who is going to tilt and rant is still going to do that with or with out profile info.
It’s mostly just stops the person who is looking for easy targets of opportunity.

but all of this has come at a price. I’ve read about LFG issues with masked profiles. It also allows throwers to mask just about anything/everything about their actions. One could counter they were throwing before, so maybe they never cared in the first place.

I still think /full tinfoil hat/ that private profiles was mostly done just to hide info from players. Either about match making or to remove even more info from public stat sites.
I said TINFOIL ON!!!


Pfft, if your doing your job and your flexing? Not alot of toxicity.

literally anybody else? Nah, screw those guys. Have double harrasment cause you don’t want them to find out you main a healer over a DPS.


I isually advocate for facts and statistics but until a Developer gives the data (assuming he/she is not lyng) here is my opinion

NO, transparency is what kills frustration and toxicity , hiding a carrer profile gives everyone who wants to look what the teammate plays an alert.

‘‘Is he a one trick ?’’
‘‘Is he a smurf’’
‘maybe he one tricks mercy , why is he playing widowmaker?’’

It generates more toxicity and i think is a very coward and weak thing to do.


I an in favor of private profiles. I USED to be a mercy main many seasons ago. Now I play mostly tanks and some Ana/Zen. But I have so many hours on mercy, I was constantly being told to switch to her and when I did not my team would get tilted. Now as far as anyone knows I have never played Mercy and I am free to play what I want without the backlash :slight_smile:


We already have an orange post telling us that toxicity has decreased by a significant margin. Only issue is, because LFG, Endorsements, and private profiles all came out at the same time, we don’t know which combination of the three is the influencing factor.


No it doesn’t… People still asking me to play moira/brigitte/mercy even though I have been a widow/tracer/ana player since last season. It’s weird… I even hid my profile but people kept asking me to play those trio healers.