Did Genjis hitbox just get the Doomfist treatment?


But this link shows Widow headshotting Genji during Deflect… Is this a bug or a hitbox getting overly reduced … again…
h ttps://twitter.com/MakinaYT/status/987121730442465282


Likely a bug. Given the fact that Genji could previously deflect stuff aimed far below him, it’s likely that Deflect’s hitbox is positioned slightly downwards from where it should be. Moving it slightly upwards should fix this.


It hasnt been moved, its been shrunk, and from the looks of it, by quite a bit. If it isnt a bug, then Blizzard seriously do not learn from their mistakes. I dont get why they have to butcher an ability.

Practically most people on here, are happy with this. But if this were to happen to Brigittes Shield Bash hitbox, they’ll be up in arms.

Trash community.


I never said it was moved. What I did say, is that the hitbox likely has a vertical offset from where it logically should be. Given the fact that they only shrunk the hitbox, this means it’s always been at the wrong vertical position, as shown by the fact that he could previously deflect stuff aimed two feet below him.


Looks like a network issue no ?
Reflect area from genji’s POV vs Genji’s head from Widow’s POV (above the reflect area) ?


Well this is a bunch of baloney if intentional…

Latency should not be affecting issues this impactful. Genji already has enough lag on his abilities to deal with. He doesn’t need another one stacked on top of it.


That’s obviously a bug… Which is exactly what PTR is for, catching things like this so they don’t make it to live.


can we call it, “ghost deflect” because everything has a prefix “ghost” similar to this

“ghost punch”
“ghost translocator”


lol are you serious? Genji’s deflect hitbox was one of the most BS things in the game.
And just so you know, they did nerf Brigittes shieldbash size.