Did anyone get Contenders Mercy skins already?

i just logged in and found out i finally got sym skin (still no mercy)…the last time i watched was like 3 days ago…

much like i expected there are delays if using the website (vs app with OWL)…but i can at least confirm that watching on an iPad works now…just takes a while

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Hi, I have my Mercy skin already, got it this morning.

Hello, I used Chrome.

Still no mercy skins for me help i watched over 20 hours

If you got sym you should get the mercy one as well assuming you’re doing same thing

I can update my reply up top that I now have both…sucks there’s no way to track but it is what it is…it’s probably just delayed (all my hours were done on iPad)

I got both skins. I had the matches running through the Contenders site on my phone for almost all of the first few days of matches. It says “You’re logged in to receive rewards” under the player if you’re logged in right.

Yeah i have the green dot which means im good to go bit i think i have to wait cuz i can get the drop in 48 hours

I got Sym. I didn’t even check if I got Mercy cause even if I did never gonna use it.

Side note need to put more effort in the away skins to me they are generic af

You are technically getting the same “team skins” they use in the Contenders broadcasts. Similar to that of Overwatch League team skins. These are only considered “Epic” class skins, which like most epic skins, are mere recolors with very few changes to the appearance of the heroes.

Final question… will i get the mercy skins. I watched well over 20 hours!!!

Mr.WyomingMyst why did i not get the mercy skins. Can you help me?

Hello there, I need a bit more details, first off, have you manually inspected the Hero Gallery in Overwatch? Drops get no in-game notification or the icon appearing when they are received. If not showing up, please take time to review my master topic here:

Yes i am looking at the hero gallery right now and there is no notification or the new icon there. Do i have to wait 48 hours?

It also shows me the green dot when I watch the streams so I can receive drops. I received the symm skins but not the mercy ones…

And if i dont get the skins then ill just wait for owl season 4 and get tokens…

But did you actually look for the skin? Just see if it shows up in each hero’s skins collected. It will be listed in the Purple (Epic) section below any standard Epic Skins or Overwatch League skins.

Yes i did, multiple times.

My advice is keep watching, there can be delays and so far anyone who has reported seeing the green dot has, for the most part, reported eventually getting the skin. However its not a bad idea to quickly clear out your web cookies on the site and sign back in, it sometimes shakes things up quickly.

Oh ok thanks. Ill see if it works

I had the Symmetra skin, so I know that I was able to get skins, but I sat through Friday and Saturday’s streams along with streams from the middle of the month… Not sure if it is a delay or not. Also watched on Nov. 1st for almost the entire stream, and no Torb.