Did anyone else NOT get the Orisa Contenders skin?

So I’ve watched for 2 days - around 7 hours in total.
And despite the Orisa skin requiring 5 hours in total, it’s still not in my inventory.

Most players were delayed but did receive it a few hours after the broadcast ended on Tuesday morning. There are plenty of more broadcasts on the schedule still. Remember you can now use YouTube or OverwatchLeague.com/contenders to earn the skin. Also be sure to review my troubleshooting guide here to insure everything on your end is in working order.

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I didn’t even get widowmaker and roadhog skins last month, even though i get owl tokens and owl dva skin when watching OWL with the same way and same browser that i used to watch contenders. I’m sure i already watched contenders for more than 10 hours last month, opened a support ticket to no avail. So i’m not sure whether to waste my 10+ hours watching contenders again this month or not.

There something crappy about contenders program for registering watch times. I’d rather they get back to twitch for these drops, it’s more reliable than youtube.

I don’t watch the contenders because I can’t get any of the skins for some reason. A waste of time for me.

I don’t even understand how the times works?? I mafe a thread about it before and someone wrote that the game would start around 6:00 AM so i woke up the right time like i already did on the first day but when i got on to yt i saw that the game was already over for like 30 mins ago…

Wait, there was an Orisa skin??? Is it still possible to get??

Yes. Check the schedule for each region of matches and it will show you what time it is. They usually last about 3 hours on average. Orisa skin for 5 hours and Ashe skin for 10 hours. You have until the end of the month to get both and then it switches to 2 different heroes for September.


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Thank you a lot for this info! Now I know that if I tune in next thursday and the thursday after that I’ll get the skin :slight_smile: Hopefully at least… :rofl:

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