Diamond support looking for a group

Diamond support looking for a group to rank up. I’m a female in my 20s with very chill non toxic vibes. Just wanna play with ppl who actually understand the game tbh

helloo i main mercy/kiri and sometimes play brig. hoping to also main illari. im plat 3 rn but highest is diamond 1 aiecks#1371

Masters 5 tank, masters 4 dps, masters 3 support
Feel free to add

Hey I play on ps4 im masters support Ana main (i swap to counter the enemy of course) and have out ranked most of my friends, just trying to get more so im not solo queueing for the rest of my ranks, if ya wanna add me my user is
Psn: Mysterious1ONE

I’m m4 mercy main,can play tgt if ya want
My battletag: dannytan97#1610