Diamond sr gains

So I know that there is no PBSR at diamond and above. What I want to know is… do you start to gain less sr and lose more sr for wins and losses once you hit diamond. Because that is what I have been noticing (I could have just been bad and my mmr went down the toilet). Also 2 of my friends do believe that you have to start having a plus50% win rate to stay at the same level in diamond. Can some please help?

Diamond and higher makes up roughly the top 10 to 15 percent of the overall community on the Competitive Ladder. One strong factor in skill rating adjustments is that the higher you climb, the less you will gain. Now I am not sure if this is directly noticeable at Diamond and higher (as I have never reached there), but this system works to keep different levels of skill and distinguished from one another as much as possible. Learn more here:

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I want to say it has a lot to do with MMR, but I really don’t know. Following so I do know :smiley:

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So basically it’s because I have to play at such an elevated level that it’s a lot harder to gain sr? Although because there is no PBSR isn’t the whole team losing/gaining he same amount of sr?

No each player on the team loses or gains an individual amount based on their previous skill rating and is compared with the following variables:

  • The average opposing team SR (if they rank higher than your own SR then you gain more if you win and lose less when you lose
  • How close you are to the top of the ladder (as stated above)
  • How frequently you play (the more you play Competitive, the more certain the game is about your own rank).

So what’s the difference between PBSR and why is in diamond right now?

Performance Based Skill Rating which is a very small influence in Platinum and lower ranks takes the stats (Eliminations, Deaths, Accuracy, etc) of each hero you played and compare it to other players (who played the same heroes you did) around that rank to see if you are performing better or worse than average.

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The high SR debuff starts at 4200. 3000+ Skill Rating Data and Analysis (now including DCs).

In low 3000s, you should be gaining and losing about 24 every game.


Oh right so if I play with a plat friend (which I was) because the average sr was about 200-ish sr below where I am, that is why I was losing 27-29 sr per loss and only gaining about 20-23.

Sounds about right, if you are grouped with someone, that influences the matchmaker and you are likely to find battles that are harder for your friend (by the numbers) and easier for your (again by the numbers).

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Thank you Wyoming and kaawumba for clearing that up :):grin:

Yep, kaawumba is the detailed expert with the Competitive Skill Rating system. I just document and catalog the general knowledge of the game.

One thing I will note, is that regardless of your rank, you must still work to improve your own personal averages as you play. Even though Diamond and higher has no PBSR to directly influence the skill rating adjustment. The more you can improve your game, the more likely you win more matches and climb the ladder overall.

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I’ve been hearing rumors of something like this for a long time, but no one has ever given enough data for me to be sure that it is a thing. (Showing this would probably take logging your SR, your friends SR, your team’s SR, the enemy team’s SR, for 50 - 100 games, split between duo que and solo queue, if it exists).

That’s true because if your stats are good enough the matchmaker will purposely place you with other teammates who are ranking up, otherwise you’ll be ranking down, or you’ll be in handicapped matches where you have a 50% chance of winning. The horrible flaw with this system is that the metrics people are measured by are a far cry from what a good player looks like, there are thousands of people who are at ranks far below where they belong and thousands that are at ranks higher than they belong, hence why everyone despises the matchmaker.

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I think Wyoming meant that if ywe u are good at the video game. You will win games. I don’t think they were talking about the conspiracy at all.