Diamond+ games are horrible

I’m not even talking about smurfs, rather I’m talking about the very big skill gap between all players in a given match. Sometimes I get gold players, mostly plat players. The times I do get a diamond game feel no different than a plat game just because so many people seem to have been boosted; I’m not just talking about my teammates, just the players in diamond in general. It seems like the average skill in diamond has gone down and the fact that you get top 500 if you get masters on tank is actually very weird.

Solo queuing is just horrible, don’t do it if youre diamond+. I’m gonna have to find myself a support duo as a tank main so that I can play the game without supports constantly being in bad positions and getting killed because of it.


There’s just not enough players to make matches as even as they used to be years ago.


Ranks mean nothing because of algorithmic handicapping.


youre only going to believe the ranked system is broken until you climb


that guy doesn’t even play the game lol

but anyway the skill gap feeling all over the place, i would guess its mostly cause playerbase is shrinking. the way you describe it is exactly how i would have described open queue back in the day. ranks felt super inflated, inconsistent, extremely low top500 requirements. i had an account that was somewhere in high masters open queue and the games felt like low diamond games lol.


Let’s not pretend the matchmaking “years ago” was any better than it is now.


any matchmaking scales with the amount of people in queue. although the matchmaking system might be the same, the matchmaking has definitely gotten worse due to lack of players


The Least sane hardstruck coper :yawning_face:


Diamond+ games in title, talks about play and gold players. This stuff happens at all levels of the ladder. It’s possible to get a diamond player on your team if you are above 4200. If you queue with another person the games should be around your sr more. Dps queues especially, those games are right in your elo almost 100% of the time.

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From top to bottom.

  • Valorant is better :smirk:
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It wasn’t great, but I do feel a major skill difference in the high end of the ladder, these past few years, compared to 2018 & earlier.

These days, everyone across the top, from high Diamond & above, play like they’re all at most high diamond or mid Masters.

The Grandmaster & Top 500 players don’t feel that overwhelming to fight against, like they did in the early years of OW.
It’s sad to say, but most of the highly skilled players of the game, left the game a long time ago.

And playing against someone that was better than me, was what made the experience of climbing the ladder fun.
Always being challenged to improve my skills, positioning, & team communication.


I think most of the ranks feel the same-ish. I have had diamond games that, more or less, feel like GM games. I think master games are a lot easier than plat games (plat games seem really unbalanced for whatever reason). It’s all over the place. It’s probably our fault mostly. A lot of people are probably just goofing around at this point, and do not play seriously anymore.

I’m hoping they improve the ow2 rankings system somehow.


The only way to make high-rank games feel better would be to attract more high-rank players. OW just isn’t doing that much anymore. I’m sure that when OW2 launches there will be a ton of interest and people coming back to try out the new patch and changes. That will help for a little bit but then it will drop down again - just like WoW.

There are a lack of players because of how bad matchmaking is.

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Valorant is a better competitive game.

It’s not fun though.

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It’s fun if you’re good :slight_smile:

I mean, camping is a fun vacation activity…


True :rofl:

Rounds get faster the higher you go.

I think that’s a pretty bad way of making a game, if it’s only fun when you’ve spent enough time and/or have enough raw talent to be good at it.

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Well it’s a good thing that’s not how the game is designed.

Fun is relative to individual experience. Some people say Valorant is boring.

A lot of people definitely have an opposing perspective.


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