Devs: "We're making Brig an actual support"; People who love abusing OP characters: *riot*

Soldier and Bastion can also self burst heal, almost 50% or higher their heal pool.

So it is CC then. Like I said.
It’s not my fault that your explanation is poor at best and incorrect at worst.

Just because it isn’t only CC doesn’t mean it isn’t a CC ability.

You’re getting too hung up on semantics. It is CC and it is a charge. The two are not mutually exclusive.

It’s like Zenyatta doesn’t exist or something :stuck_out_tongue:

DPS wonder why nobody plays tanks or heals. Oh well back to insta lock zen, maybe you’ll get an orb, if I’m not busy killing.


I’m arguing that balancing Shield Bash around CC abilities is dumb, because it is not a CC ability.
Or are we gonna stop being hypocrites and nerf the 50m range 300 damage 1s stun ability ?

And I’m saying you are wrong. It is a CC ability. It can stun an enemy and take away control of their character. That is, undeniably, a CC ability.

You can’t just say “We balance all CC like this and we balance all charges like that”
That’s not logical. Not all charges are the same. Not all CC abilities are the same.

Also, the developers agree with me and disagree with you

This is Geoff talking about the Brig and Doom changes regarding CC

Notice how he says “Such as stuns…”
Shield bash stuns
Shield bash is CC

Look, if you want to argue it shouldn’t be balanced like a normal CC ability that is fine, but to say it isn’t CC is simply, literally, incorrect.

Only if you’re skilled mechanically. Zenyatta is a hero who’s high skill, high reward. This also makes up for the fact that he has almost no mobility and a very low overall healing output.

Yay. Buff whipshot by needing it!

Let’s take a step back and actually read the definition of ‘CC’. It’s crowd control. Even though Sombra hack or Mei’s ice wall does no damage, no stuns, it’s still considered CC. CC denies characters to function normally, is what it is.

Shield bash is CC.

devs: “were making brig an actual support people who love abusing op characters riot”

Well here’s the thing Brigitte was “support along support” classes. She was only one of the few hard counter to halt non stop flanker and created some space so Mercy, Ana, Zen, etc could actually heal. Slower tanks just get farmed for ult by Tracer or Genji.

With Brig nerfed, enemy flankers will go back to treating other team’s support like a buffet for easy kills. It’s some of the top reasons why people don’t like playing support.

At least when fighting a Brig you have a chance to disengage and see her coming.

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I don’t disagree with that assessment

Then why do you want a charge balanced like a CC ability ? It makes even less sense.

With all due respect to Mr. Goodman, he’s terrible. He’s made big mistakes in the past, and silly comments showing a lack of understanding of the game.
His word doesn’t have much value to me.

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Then continue to show arrogance and think that even you know more than the developer about their own game.

Please link where I said that. Also, it’s a CC ability.

Saying “all due respect” doesn’t make “he’s terrible” a respectful comment.

Forgive me for saying this, but, he’s obviously far more knowledgeable than you are. You are showcasing a profound lack of understanding there.

Regardless of what you think about Geoff, he’s right.

To claim that a stun is not a CC ability is to forfeit logical thought.

I’m done engaging you. It is impossible to convince someone who is as misguided as you.
Your name having “genius” in it is quite ironic.

See ya, muting thread.

He’s basically trying to argue against obvious facts and I’m done with it. You can’t argue with irrationally held beliefs with logic and rational arguments with sources apparently.

I did adapt to her since I main a character she counters. So go on and tell me more about things you clearly know nothing about. I can handle her as most of the characters I play by playing smart. If I’m D.Va I do my best to double team her, as Orisa I keep her far enough away to punish her for trying to get close to me.

In short I learned to deal with her, it’s not hard to do and I’m sorry you apparently couldn’t. Try to come at me with something a bit more solid.

Like 99% of the streamers do ? Excuse me to think devs are fallible like anyone.

Streamers play the game for a living. They’re at the highest possible ranks and have played the game more than most of the community. I’m sure “anyone” don’t have a whole team of developers, their own testing servers, etc. Streamers and developers turn to each other for feedback.

Excuse me to think that the people who SHOULD know the most about the game already do.

Shield bash is an ability that applies a stun effect, ceasing all of your movement and abilities for a short period of time, just like flashbang, just like sleepdart.

It’s CC. Stop trying to say otherwise.

Not necessarily true. Not all streamers are GM, nor do they all live from it. It’s true for pros though. Even them can make mistakes however.
So do I, I misspoke my arguments about SB, it wasn’t quite as clear written as it was in my head.

It’s primarily a charge, and should be balanced as such.
Rein’s Charge also stuns. Yet you can’t call it a CC ability.
This is why it makes no sense for SB to not go through shields.

Reinhardt’s charge IS a form of CC, though? So is Mei’s ultimate? So is Earth Shatter?