Devs: "We're making Brig an actual support"; People who love abusing OP characters: *riot*


Also, Zenyatta has no crowd control! He’s fine :3


It’s a good thing we’re back to only dive?

That’s it. That’s the most ridiculous claim i’ve heard yet. I’m not continuing this convo with you.


Ever heard of Zen’s volley?


500hp shield? Check.
Passive self-heal? Check.
155dmg combo by pressing two buttons? Check.

You’re not wrong.


I think what OP means is “burst down with minimal effort”. Zen’s volley requires mechanical skill, he’s one of the most un-mobile characters in the game, plus it has a charge time, making Zen extremely vulnerable.



Brigitte has been described as a Tank/Support hybrid since the beginning but she ended up being more of a Tank/support/DPS hybrid since the combo allows her to relatively easily kill a lot of the roster(or near kill) in the game and even hit tanks hard.

Nerfing the DPS part is the obvious choice to go with if you are going to go with the original design.

She can still do her tank things, she can still support but she is worse at killing 200hp heroes with relatively little risk for her self compared with the other supports due to her higher self sustain, shield and stun.


You love destroying heroes that were finally balanced, due to you guys being irrational about her power.


Good. The amount of stuff a Brigitte could pull off and get away with without any risk involved was unbearable.


No one is being irrational. She’s way too oppressive, and offers little-to-none counter-play in so many situations.

This change is healthy for the game overall.


Making brig an actually support. Even though she a tank support hybrid. I’m not rioting the devs buff her eventually.


No, absolutely not. Before this and shield bash not going through shields anymore (I think it’s on PTR), she was actually balanced and had a good amount of counters. Now, she’s probably going to become trash tier.


Counters being? (20char)


Yes. There are heroes that counter Brig. You just never admit it.


I asked for examples of the counters. Giving me some examples would help you change my mind.


Exactly. I actually like Brig but I always felt like cheating running her, kind of like (for me) running Bastion or old Pharah. Now, she’s going to require more thought to do her job like she should have all along, and take risks, something she really hasn’t had to do. I cannot tell you as a Zen player how damned annoying it is to play alongside one that couldn’t give a flip about actually protecting you from a diver… it’s maddening.


inb4 pharah

20 characters


What if you have a Mccree, Soldier, or Widow on your team? Nothing can exactly always be a 1v1 situation.


Phraha, junkrat now with the nerf, reaper now with bash nerf, roadshow can easily one vs one her now. Mcree can beat her at any range now. Orias and rein counter her even more begin able to out damage her or bait a stun with shield. The list can go on with how they have massively decreased her effectiveness.


Competent Bastion
(Maybe) Hanzo
Junkrat spams damage
(Maybe) Mccree
(Possibly) Reaper
Symmetra is a stretch
Another good Brigitte