Devs plz read this, its gonna help a lot of people

See the bastion buff posts down there? plz at least post something to show you understand and that you actually care. Thank you :cry:

There’s a post asking about Symmetra’s and Torb’s buffs/reworks.
Jeff mentioned that they’re working on them, and someone else.
That someone else is most likely Bastion.

Ana, most likely.

I hope it is Mei. Her buff wasn’t much.

If it is tracer or genji, the forums are going to rain blood.

I’m still quite sure it’s Bastion…

Ana and Mei do need help, but they wouldn’t be buffing Mei just to start looking for a way to rework her before the patch hits live, and Bastion seems to need help more than Ana does.

That would make a lot of sense. Ana, they would talk about up front.

Bastion, less so.

If it is Mercy again, I would TOTALLY understand they would not want to announce it. They likely still wake up screaming at nights about the last time.

I’d also argue that Ana doesn’t need that much, they wouldn’t keep it secret.
10 more damage and piercing though full health teammates would probably do the trick.

Yeah. Bastion, or Mercy.

They have good reasons not to poke the bear about both of them. I know they want to get back in and change up both of them.

Ana, yeah, they would be up front, and I don’t see anyone else they would be changing in a hurry.

I think the “someone else” is hero 28. Jeff said once “a new hero is on the horizon”, then we got HLC but no Hammond/DR. Winston, and now the word appears again. To paraphrase, “Torb is not on the HORIZON, but someone else is wink wink”