Devs please look (non angry mercy inquery)


First off…Please dont bring ANY other issue into the thread.

I want this to be about 2 thigns. nothing more.

overall healing and valk.


Why was the choice made to revert Mercy back to 50 hp/s?

I assume it was because she was out healing everyone?

basing that as the case I have this inquiry…Why a flat nerf to ALL her healing?

IMHO her 60 hp/s was balanced. I mean she had the buff in first place because she was weaker on heals wayback in Mercy 1.0 correct?

Inquiry 2: Can you track how much of a match is her normal healing compared to the time she is healing in Valk (aoe healing) ?

assuming it IS because she is healing more (which was true i wont deny that) given that even at 60 hp/s she is only middle of the pack on healing by kit design (both moira and ana theoretically can heal WAY more than she is capable normally).

Did you ever try to nerf Valk’s healing specifically?
Statistically…Ana has potential of healing 2 (soon to be 3) times as much as a Mercy outside of ultimate. (and this is NOT factoring in bio nades healing boost)

So by my knowledge of ana and mercy’s kits (ana’s risk but greater vs mercy’s less but consistent) my hypothesis is that Valk is the issue and not her primary healing.

Balanced ST healing wasn’t an issue for a long time and only after 2.0 where she could turn that ST heal into a GROUP heal did her healing get problematic.

This would make sense.

if in ST Mercy heals 2-3tiems less than Ana (on paper ofc as i know the 100% perfect scenario rarely if ever happens)…during Valk Mercy is healing 5(4?) times normal amount since it goes form one target to a potential 5 targets.

This is problematic for a few reasons.
1 is you reduce the overall teams sense of risk since they all have a pocket mercy during her ult.

2 is that the Mercy is now effectively using 5 copies of Mercy and multiplying her healing output to toxic levels that even the BEST situation no other healer could touch. (Ana, who could normally 2-3 tiems outheal her, landing every heal shot, bio nade, and her 300 heal nano wouldnt even match her during a single use of Valk’s possible healing done)

If valk is truly the main culprit in her oppressive healing would it be possible to nerf the branches instead of the primary heal and achieve a more balanced normal healing vs ult healing situation? you could adjust branch falloff healing much more specific that way too.