Devs: Nerf Falling!

Since this week’s theme here is to call for nerfs to every Hero ever, I’ve decided to take this a step further, and call for something that truly matters - a nerf that everyone can agree on.

Falling should cause damage and even death, just like real in life.

Think about it. How does it make sense for falling to do nothing to heroes? Are we just pretending gravity does not exist in this game? Well that’s a lie. I’ve been tormented with loading into Horizon Lunar Colony long enough to know that gravity is an actual thing in the Overwatch Universe, and should factor in to gameplay.

Right now, every single Hero is immune to fall damage. This insane meta-breaking imbalance is the true reason why Overwatch is dying and will be completely dead in 2 years ago.

The Fix: Falling from a short distance should cause damage and slow movement for a few seconds while heroes recuperate. Falling a large distance should immediately kill the player, and make them unable to be rezzed since they’d be splattered.

This fix will end ridiculous metas like Dive. Obviously gravity counters diving, and these heroes will simply dive to their own demise once falling damage is implemented.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk of unnecessary calls to nerf something because I got killed once by someone better than me and it was unfair.

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This logical, well explained and well-reasoned dev post you just brought to me will not dissuade me from my unreasonable and foolish calls to nerf falling!


i totally agree with you also we should nerf mercy she killed me and i was a winston shes too op


Also that sounds rly epic. pls implement.

What about Winston?

Eveytime he would be jumping would be a suicide attempt.


Troll Mei lift teammates with wall to see them die 10/10



Orisa would become a lot stronger with her halt. (I kinda want this to be a thing now.)

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Remember Rift, the MMORPG?
They actually removed fall-damage at some point and I was like “But why?”

Did someone really go to the forums to make a thread called “Gravity OP!” ?
Must’ve happened at some point.


Genji, Winston and Widowmaker want to know your location.

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Only Mercy is safe … NERF HER.

PS. Pharah is still dead


According to the forum-dwelling bronze Hanzo mains, Winston takes zero skill.

This change clearly would finally add some much needed skill required to play Winston, by giving him a suicide button that players must resist pressing. We all know low skill players can’t resist button mashing, and will simply continue to die until they learn h2skill.

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"We removed Mercy’s Angelic descent and Guardian Angel. We think this update is actually a buff because it stops her from getting fall damage. Also, Mercy players will find that it’s hard to get fall damage when they get shot in the face instead every three seconds.

We think that this update will make the game more balanced and fun to play for everyone.

We’re open to feedback about this update so we opened another Mercy megathread in the forums."

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After reading this I’ve decided that my OP is now 100% serious.

Save Overwatch Jeoff. Implement fall damage.

We’re trying, but Winston still hasn’t triangulated the location.

Either that or he dropped peanut butter on the keyboard again. Kuso…


I also think there should be another Arcade mode where instead of low gravity there is high gravity.

That’s right. You can’t jump. Forget those fancy jet pack romantic flights with Mercy, my dear Pharah.
And everyone gets fall damage over time simply from standing on the ground.

To reduce fall damage you have to use the sit-down interaction of your hero.
Of course, a minor development task here is to make heroes able to shoot while sitting.
Every game would be an agressive sit-down with people if you will.

Except for Torbjörn and Mei because they were already built for the nightmarish hellscape of hell with higher gravity in mind, hence the shorter and stockier builds. In this mode, they could finally shine.

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Lucio quick Sound barrier… died from impact.


You drop the beat
But the beat takes fall damage

I’ll show myself out


That sounds like that awful Magic School Bus episode that gave me anxiety for life. I’m going to pass on that.