Devs ignoring Mercy Feedback


Its been a long while now since us Mercy players have been complaining about the machine-gun of nerfs that they hit her with, but the only reply we got so far was the assurance that she won’t be reverted to her pre-rework state.

At first they said they were waiting for the dust to settle before saying anything on the matter, but even then its been months and still nothing.

The Feedback Thread just hit 14k and all we get is radio-silence. Every other post about it(including suggestions) gets either locked or thrown there too, which at this point feels like its done to put them in a place where its easier to ignore.

I won’t overextend this post repeating what has been said a good (14) thousand times. We as Mercy players get it, the way she was was too much and chance was necessary, but her state now is NOT ok.

Jeff himself said if the changes had been too much they would take them back, yet here we are. All what we got so far is the silent treatment and other healers that seem like they are supposed to distract us from the issue, which didn’t work.


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