Devs comment on QP?


There seems to be many different opinion on how QP should be played. Some people say “chill it’s just QP”, while others get extremely tilted when the team is losing.

I would love to know the devs thoughts on this mode. What do they think when they queue up with the general pop? Do they have a good time?


I think the official comment comes from the Zarya voice line: “It’s only a game; why do you have to be mad?”


Its a mode where people go to practice but its so uncooperative that they are shooting themselves in the foot. If theres no teamwork and you dont know how to utilize your hero within the team then youre pretty much wasting your time cause once you step in Competitive its a whole different dimension and all that running and gunning in QP becomes worthless.


Well said.

I don’t see how QP can be a useful first step before going into comp. Both modes are like night and day.

I would love for the devs to give a comment. QP seems to be a huge mess. I don’t play QP anymore, it’s basically a skirmish/deathmatch. Pretty tough to learn anything in that environment

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I play QP and arcade all the time in solo queue. I honestly like QP and have fun in most games. There are some that don’t end well, but I will play like 99 percent of them from start to finish and try as hard as I can to help the team win and find that more often than not others in the game are trying to win as well. It’s where I spend most of my time as I am really not good enough to be great in competitive.


I think people are talking about team compositions. No healers, stuff like that.


The problem with quick-play is very often you do not have playable maches unless you play Rein, Orisa, Mercy or Moira. People instant lock 5 dps and is not playable =/

Will be very fun if at least in QP you force a team-comp of 1 tank, 2 healers and 3 DPS as max. To have a better exp


I don’t think QP should be about just chilling, I think that people go there to avoid the stressed environment of comp but with that being sad people don’t go there to lose, they should at least give it their best.


And the odd brigade of players trying to friend the other team… That is probably the most annoying.


I can tell you from experience that playing an anchor tank does not guarantee a “playable” match in quickplay. People will avoid your shields like the plague.


Gotta love how he dodged the question though


any idea when you’re changing mercy’s Ultimate Call-Out line?


Even Zarya is harder to succeed with in QP, and for the same reason being everyone avoids hitting the bubbles, giving you little to no charge.


Is there any way for someone to -not- understand that this means you’re expected to communicate with your team about composition to ensure that all roles are filled and the team is working together to give themselves the best chance to win? :thinking:


There is a big divide between people that feel it’s a practice mode and people that feel it should be taken seriously just not nearly as serious as Competitive.

Neither side is wrong in the debate which is why people have brought up having a sort of Unranked Mode for the people that want that middle ground of it not being as super serious as Competitive but not Widow/Hanzo/Tracer/Genji practice mode either.


I just wish I could play a more serious game mode with my friend,she got the game recently and we can’t play ranked due to the difference in cp.
We are tired of being the only ones who pick tank or healer and get 4 dps in most of the games.


Well that explains why Sym and Torb been Struggling


My belief for QP is that it doesn’t require voice chat, it’s all about reading the play from your own perspective and acting accordingly. I find it has helped me understand the game and its roles better, as well as getting a better understanding on what the average player will do without full coordination and helps me to assess situations better and faster.

While you should still try to win in QP, to me, it’s more for self-improvement from a discipline and positioning perspective. Communication and shot-calling are best learned through comp,with at least one friend and/or with players who are willing to accept your leadership or teaching you how to point out things and command as fast and polite as possible. It also helps if you’re having fun with taking the lead, as well as everyone around you.


A mode where you’re supposed to “try hard” would attract more trolls than a dark cave. You can report them but player report systems are too easy to abuse by said trolls as well. The only solution is to leave games you don’t wanna be in


Thanks for your reply, very appreciated