Devs are not reading or responding

Lot of posts whine about almost the same topics over and over with no response

Can we play the damned game without smurfs? Can u boost those guys to their rank or match them with similar MMR? Please?

In this forums only players whine to each other and no one to answer

Some dude posted a thread and with some legits points and no one responded

Jeff said smurfs have the same MMR as thier main accound yet they keep destroying ppl way lower than their MMR

Dont give the dude 1000 SR but let him play with higher ranked players first

Also maybe give those nerds some weekly or monthly tournaments so they can grind away from the silly unranked to gm all over twitch


99% of topics surrounding MMR are conspiracy theorists freaking out over the evil system holding them back from the rank they deserve. I wouldn’t respond to that if I were a developer either. They’ve also already said that smurfs are not as big of a problem as they seem. What more do you want them to say?


Yeah sure a response from a GM… I remember when u guys cry to owl stacks…

I am a diamond and i want to play with and against diamonds… Wtf is conspiracy i just left valkia unranked to gm stream where 3 games in a row he sweaty tryhard vs diamond low lvl widows and actually lost 1 and barely won another

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I’d like to see placements be heavily psbr based (and a reworked pbsr formula that noticed things like ult shutdowns instead of e.g. raw healing). Would also like to see them actually warpzone you in/out of hell depending which way you’re heading.

Bam. Fewer misplaced mmr/sr ratios. Fewer anchors for at least a season. Fewer feelings of hopelessness.

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This forum is pretty much the wild west. Every now and then a community manager comes and checks the front page but I’ve seen that it’s mostly ran by community reporting.

Most of the efforts are focused on the General forum since it moves so quickly. I wouldn’t say the Devs NEVER read the comp forum but they sure don’t post or interact with us. Heck we use to have actual sticky posts until Blizz fired all their support staff last year.

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oh you mean like how almost every corporation in existence will downplay anything that gives them bad PR and sweeps it under the rug?


The Devs have responded to all these topics in the past, and I’ve summarized them at How Competitive Matchmaking and Rating Works (Season 20). People keep whining because they refuse to understand how the system works.


People playing much better than their correct rank move to their correct rank fairly quickly.

People intentionally throwing/boosting have to be dealt with with the banning system, not the ranking system.

Jeff didn’t say this. MMR is rank. SR is not used in matchmaking, but is just an easier to read version of MMR.

Open division is a thing. There are also various discord servers for unranked pugs.

As you can see, every time Devs DO respond, they get thousands of replies saying “FIX UR GME YOU F***IN USELSS ****”.

Apparently not only OW players are snowflakes

Imagine devs being transparent and listened to the reoccurring same threads

we had multiple dev responses in the last few days… just saying

Imagine it like this.
Your name is Dave. You work very long and hard hours, and you dont get paid that much. you finally get home to have dinner with your wife and children, eat dinner, and you finally have some free time. What are you going to do. Play the game you made? You have been playing this game since 2014, and you dont play it for fun, you play it to find what you did wrong, plus, you never get suprised. you don’t get the joy of “oh boy, I wonder what skins are coming next”, since you helped make them). Most people get burnt out when they play a game to much.

You open up the forums, and all you see is people complaining. literally every test you see shows that character A is very weak, but everyone is complaining about them. Suddenly, 90% of your department gets moved to work on the next game, and you are left with only a few others to keep the game running.

You create something very nice, and you are excited to release it, then Jim from accounting leaks what you have spent months working on. and people call it garbage.

Now lets get back to ourselves. You have played the game for around the same time as me.

Jeff Kaplan, the man who is leading the game, was plat from the last I heard. He does not have time, or the will to play the game.

Maybe i was harsh on the topic and i think i was… But i think there could be more transparency

Why it is so hard to squeeze an answer?

No servers for my region playing on +100 ms ping while other games provide… Bad medal system… No score sheet… Finally a replay system! (maybe let us download our games or share it ?) … Smurfs and hackers destroying games and u cant help it… Lack of lore… Slow balance and adding heroes that have no weakness or counters… Bugged heroes… No reg shots

Anyway… If any dev read this i apologize but i could just play any other game instead of asking for improvement… I dont want my fav game to die cuz devs are busy working for future projects and ignore the present

I love when people post things like that. Gives me a good chuckle. I love how people like this still can’t give a legit comeback when people give many examples of how they lost tons of SR since Role Queue yet people like this still think they belong where they belong. So delusional.

And nope, not going to re-type all the things I experience again in the majority of my games. Basically you don’t go from maintaining plat for many seasons to Silver over night (which happened once Role Queue opened) and not only to add but another account Diamond for the final 3 seasons before Role Queue. Haven’t touch that account since Role Queue.

Keep up wearing those rose tinted glasses though. Glad you are at a rank you should be. Must be nice to have amazing RNG with teammates who actually play the role they queue for and know how to play it at least decently.

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cause jeff is a lying scumbag always has been always will be

false reporting is bannable (Only If You Are XQC and curse in the report box and do it on stream so that a ton of players report u to hacks @

also his game is there to enable trolls

he also hates competitive and wants casual play all thought out this game

why do you think there’s no scoreboard ?

so you can’t report the junkrat that ruined your game feeding the whole game
and ran a KDR of 4 - 23
(legit this one a comp game in plat around the time of

yeah jeff has a lot of balls to design a casual pile of crap
then have the nerve to call it competitive after it’s a hit seller

then retro-actively try and make the game actually competitive
(can no one else see that what they have done with this game in the last few years is literally backwards design?, if indeed it was designed to be competitive)

because they designed it to be a safe space
in every aspect

well sorry but those don’t go with the word competitive ever.