Developers could you please reply?

It was a bug.

There were errors in how much damage beams would do to armor. The PTR patch addresses that issue.

It wasn’t far worse than symm. Torb does not need to be up close to do damage, Symm does.

Symm has:

  • no overload
  • no armor
  • needs to be fighting close range with no practical evasion for extended periods to do damage

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Torb buffs, but Torb doesn’t require to be close to use the fundamental piece of all heroes kits: M1.

But torbjorn is thicc.
Sym has a smaller hitbox

That doesn’t really matter. If you can see Torb you will headshot him, close range, medium range, or long range.

Pretty sure they’ve given up on Sym. I don’t blame them.

Character needs to be reworked from the ground up, but actually from the GROUND UP this time.

It kind of does matter.

One of the fundamentals of this game is the understanding that each character has an ideal range to operate in: To win your fights, you want to engage opponents at your ideal range.

Symm doesn’t survive at her ideal range.

It is that simple.


Also, it’s highly unlikely that the developers will actually respond to your post. Including stuff like “devs plz reply” in your thread doesn’t increase your chances of getting a dev response.

Honestly i’ve played symmetra in her trash state so long i don’t really care anymore lol, it’d be great if they buffed her but i have no expectations anymore for them, i’m not entirely sure what this has to do with your post, i guess expect nothing is what i’m trying to say because that’s kinda been my experience with this game lately.

Still the best weapon in my roster.

If you weren’t told about the second one, you wouldn’t notice.

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Why does it matter? It’s still a nerf

Because it is so slight, there is little bearing on gameplay.

She can’t, even on live. The bug only let her get about 1% of ult charge while casting her ult.

Because she is already massively weighed down by cast time set up time charge up time she doesn’t need anything else being done to slow her down she needs to be sped the hell up.

Just like many others but people like to over exaggerate about it.
Then you see a 90% reduction of damage on a skill and no one bats an eye … because its on Brig (most hated hero 2018)

Just fantastic :clap:

It is 0.7 seconds slower than a blink. It’s not going to change much.

It’s already a situational nerf anyway. You have to be at level 3 and you have to be attacking armour.

I just responded with this elsewhere but Geoff said yesterday that they have no reworks planned


The more recent heroes seem to be designed so that a hero can play several different roles, like Brigitte. Will this trend continue? Also, do you plan on having any reworks for heroes who can only play one role?

Geoff: We don’t have any specific plans on releasing hybrid heroes. We could possibly release a hero that focuses on a certain role like Mercy. We don’t have any special plans for reworks and will be focusing on the balance changes.